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Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky Recap

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Vanderpump Rules Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky follows notorious bartender, Jax Taylor, and his southern sweetheart, Brittany Cartwright, on their journey back to her family farm in Winchester, Kentucky. Jax, a Florida born and bred mixologist and former sweater model has to convince Brittany’s deep south relatives he is a suitable boyfriend and possibly future husband. Can a man who steals silverware from his employer be trusted with their daughter? Although he had greasy clothes, could he accept living amongst greasy farm animals?

This is what happened on tonight’s premiere episode:


  1. The night before they left Lisa Vanderpump asked Jax if he was really capable of working on a farm. She knew he talked a lot of shit, but could he shovel it?
  2. Upon their arrival Brittany’s overly tanned mom informed them they would be staying in bunk beds in Mamaw’s home. Though they lived together, Grandma was not supportive of premarital sex.
  3. Brittany assured her mom that although Jax screamed at her the last time she visited they were now in a “good place” and she was hopeful for their future.
  4. Several of Brittany’s relatives came for a home cooked dinner of hamburgers and carbohydrate salads. Though they drank from plastic cups Jax was informed it was a dry farm out of respect to Brittany’s deceased grandfather. “But we are in Kentucky, the home of whiskey?” he cried.
  5. The following morning Jax spent time with Mamaw cleaning out the stalls as she asked him for the umpteenth time if he ever planned on marrying Brittany. He wondered if producers would keep him trapped there for the duration of filming or if he could get an earlier flight.
  6. While spending time with Brittany’s father it became clear he was less than thrilled with the prospect of them marrying. As they sat at an equally high in carbohydrate meal her father began to cite The Bible. “We used to go to church three times a day,” Brittany explained, “so we are a bible family.” Her father turned to his second wife and wondered if she shared his concerns.
  7. At a bonfire held on the farm Brittany’s old friends rejoiced in having her back home while Jax poured a bottle of grain vodka into Solo cups. “I can’t believe I am 37 year old and hiding alcohol,” he lamented.
  8. Mamaw walked toward the truck where Jax was hiding worried he was violating the terms of the property rules. “Hey, Mamaw?” he yelled. He distracted her along with Brittany’s mother by telling them he was moving in the same direction people who eventually get married walk, which delighted them to no end.
  9. While this happened Brittany’s father considered poking his eyeballs out with a s’more spear. It was clear his first wife was supportive of this relationship, but as he noted, that would not be the first time they were not on the same page.


Jax goes to church.

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