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If You Take Your Daughter to Annie The Musical…

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Maybe It Was a Mistake Taking My Kid To This Musical?

I always liked the movie Pretty Woman until I took a college course on women in film. I thought it was a beautiful love story about a poor woman who meets a nice businessman who gives her plenty of money to go shopping. It was my professor who pointed out it is really about a prostitute who meets a man on the street, gets to stay in a four star hotel in Beverly Hills, and is ultimately rescued off the streets when he realizes she looks nice when she takes a bath and stops wearing hooker clothes.

Talk about a buzzkill. “You guys like this movie? You think this has a feminist message?” Well, not now.


Last weekend I took my kindergartener to see the musical Annie. Half way through the first Act it dawned on me that it isn’t so much about a sassy redhead, her dog, and the fun one can have living in a mansion. It’s really about a pre-teen who escapes an orphanage run by an emotionally and physically abusive alcoholic by getting adopted by a wealthy single man who has his own abandonment issues. “Mom, what are they singing about,” she asked? I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was about homeless people pissed at President Hoover because of the Great Depression.

Sound of Music

I could take her to other musicals. How about Sound of Music? Sweetie, this is a story about a single father who falls in love with the babysitter. In the end they hatch a plan to sing in a competition and then leave the country otherwise he’d be forced to become a Nazi officer.

Little Shop of Horrors

Okay, this one is about a depressed floral shop worker who raises a plant that feeds on human blood. That plant talks and grows when you give it more of your blood.

That shouldn’t give her nightmares.

Phantom of the Opera

Now here’s an uplifting love story about a girl kidnapped by a man without a nose or lips and the face of a skeleton covered in yellowed dead flesh.



Pretty Woman is Pretty Depressing If You THink About It.

Pretty Woman is Pretty Depressing Too If You Think About It.

You can’t win. 

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