I Am So Over Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston thinks she should be a Bond girl. Yes, you read that right.  “I would love to do an action movie. James Bond, glamour and Daniel Craig…sh*t loads of fun”, she told Total Film magazine. I am all for women aging in Hollywood, but doesn’t she realize those roles are reserved for young actresses trying to make their mark? It is hard to imagine a former sitcom actress with a string of craptastic romantic comedies under her belt playing what is in actuality always a role involving a woman chasing a man. It gets better. The reason she is interested in playing a Bond girl is because, “Sometimes you’re not always thrilled by the movie you’re pushing. I don’t want to just play the girl trying to get the guy. That doesn’t interest me anymore.”
Really? Let me get this straight. Every few months I need to believe you when you sit on Good Morning America, Oprah, Access Hollywood, and a whole series of interviews insisting I should spend my money on a ticket to a movie that you are not necessarily thrilled with pushing? Guess what? I am not interested in your movies either. According to Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue (last month) Aniston made $20 million dollars in 2009 alone. When was the last time she had a really good movie? Movie studios keep hiring her though her movies are always bombs. You need to remember this quote when she starts shoving The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler (her convenient pseudo boyfriend) down our throats.
I am over Jennifer Aniston. I can’t take watching Rachel Green from Friends played in every movie, just with a different hairstyle. I am tired of reading about how fabulous she is at 41. I am tired of the bikini shots of her in Cabo.  I think she is over rated and over tanned. I don’t want to hear about her fake relationships so she can sell a movie. I don’t care if she wants a baby, has a baby, or buys a baby off the black market. I don’t think she is skinny because of yoga and the Zone diet. I am over it, over it, over it. 

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