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I found this at the bookstore and can not put it down. The front cover reads: “It’s Funny, It’s True, Except When it Happens to You.” 

F My Life
By: Maxime Valette, Guillaume Passaglia, Didier Guedj
Covering every disastrous pratfall in love, work, family-life, and more, F My Life proffers other people’s ruinous, real-life happenings to brighten your gloomiest day: someone getting dumped through a greeting card, ignored at their birthday party, or insulted by their own grandmother. 

Some of my favorite entries:

“Today I was babysitting four rather noisy and rowdy kids. After a two-hour struggle, I finally managed to get them into bed. I asked them what they wanted before going to sleep, and the eldest replied, “Can you tell us a story where you die at the end?”

“Today at work a woman came up to the checkout counter, and when I greeted her, she said, “Oh, honey, you are so beautiful!” I immediately smiled and thanked her, but she looked at me and said, “Oh, not you” pointing to her ear. She was on her Bluetooth.”

“Today I came back from college and visited my parent’s house. There was a new portrait  of my parents and two sisters hanging over the mantel. My mom had always wanted a family portrait, but she had always postponed having it done. The painting was dated the day after I had left for college.”

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