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Health Scare: Real Housewives of OC Recap

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This week on Real Housewives of Orange County Vicki’s health scare continued and brought out a side of Peggy no one enjoyed. Later, Tamra and Vicki’s broken friendship worked towards mending, while a drunken night caused fractures in another friendships. 


Vicki gripped the side of the hotel bed as Peggy rubbed her face. “Are you okay?” she kept asking as the insurance sales director sat in a cold sweat. “She’s having an anxiety attack,” reasoned Kelly. Although she had slept only a few hours in the 3 days since they arrived, was hungover, had little to eat that day, and was likely suffering from altitude sickness she worried it could be her heart. As an incredibly handsome doctor walked through the door of her suite she let him know she was under “cardiology care” back in the United States. She had no recollection of the condition her doctor had told her three weeks prior. Somehow she missed it when he informed her she had an enlarged heart because she was too busy thinking about her Cinco de Mayo plans.

Since Peggy had a mastectomy she considered herself a nurse. She would not let anyone else provide her comfort or reasonable medical advice. “Can you leave her alone, please?” Kelly begged. Florence Nightingale Sulahian pressed forward. It wasn’t until the hotel’s owner asked Peggy to leave her with the 16 paramedic operators that she gave Vicki some space. She ran to her room to call Diko, whom she relied on for most things. He advised her on clothing selection, how to work a coffee maker, how to turn on her car, and how to respond to another housewife via text. He encouraged her to stay with Vicki. “Go to her,” he screamed through the phone as she ran through the hallway her normally hairspray-ed hair flying in the wind.

Since Tamra, Shannon, and Meghan pretty much loathed Vicki they chose to watch the struggle to figure out Vicki’s condition from the doorway. “Hey, you okay?” asked Tamra while examining her cuticles. Meghan figured she was probably fine because she was wearing silk pajamas. Shannon was hopeful this meant she would be excluded from meals and any excursions. Lydia asked them all to bow their heads in prayer.

Kelly, Vicki’s lone true friend, was sure it was an anxiety attack. It had to be. Maybe if the paramedics were able to be alone with her (without Peggy) they would come to the same conclusion. As Vicki was wheeled out of her room to a waiting ambulance she kept herself shrouded in a hotel robe. The last thing she needed was paparazzi from Splash News Reykjavík to catch her being loaded onto a stretcher. “The people of Iceland would just love to see me suffering!” she screamed into her phone to her publicist. “Who is this lady?” one of the attendants lifting her into the ambulance asked. “Beats me,” said the other.


Peggy and Lydia became unglued when they realized the others wanted to eat dinner before embarking on a trip to the Icelandic hospital. They had subsided on just a muffin that day despite glacier hikes. “I need to eat!” screamed Kelly as she harpooned her sea bass filet. “Can’t you wait five minutes?” Peggy took a deep breath. “No, I can’t wait because my friend with whom I have spent collectively 7 days with needs me,” said Peggy. “Aren’t you her friend? Shouldn’t you be with her too?”

This was all fascinating to Shannon and Meghan. They had been eviscerated on social media for not driving to a Palm Springs hospital to be with Vicki after she was heliported after an ATV accident. “Kelly yelled at me last year when I didn’t show up to Vicki’s bedside and now she’s enjoying tomato bisque and fresh rolls while her friend battles a heart condition.” Meghan didn’t care otherwise. “Let’s get her a casserole,” she suggested after a FaceTime conversation confirmed Vicki was fine and on her way back to the hotel.

“You good?” asked Tamra once Vicki returned. She explained to them that doctors were unable to specifically identify what was happening to her body, but she would enjoy a glass of chilled champagne. “Who drinks alcohol hours after an EKG?” someone asked. “Vicki does,” said someone else.


The health crisis made Tamra and Vicki see that it was time for them to fix their relationship. Tamra pleaded for answers as to why Vicki would have notified news organizations that her husband was gay. “I never did that,” replied Vicki. “HAAAAAA!’ yelped Shannon from a pleather sofa. “Why did you spread news about Brooks?” asked Vicki. “I never did,” replied Tamra. “Anyone with two eyeballs could have seen he was a piece of garbage.” They clung to each other as Tamra reminded Vicki she chose a man over her. “Do you know she complains about her all week long?” Shannon moaned to Meghan. The idea of Tamra and Vicki becoming friends again was too much to bear.

Kelly had enough of Peggy. “Stop telling me what to do,” she yelled. “You are not my mother.” In a series of flashbacks Peggy asked Kelly to remain silent. Kelly wondered how it was possible Peggy had ever attended an institution of higher learning. “I will have my husband call your husband,” said Peggy. “Oh, that makes sense,” said Kelly. “Is this 1952? Better yet, how about my dad calls your dad. Let’s settle this once and for all.” This was why Kelly was getting divorced, Peggy reasoned. If she had been more respectful to her husband they would still be married. (But isn’t Peggy actually legally divorced from Diko?)

Lydia was asleep.


The next day they shopped for items they would never wear or use. When they returned to the hotel Peggy remained locked in her room. She fed a note under the door indicating she would only leave after Diko gave her permission.


The cast enjoys a show by contestants on Iceland Idol.

Real Housewives of OC Recap, Health Scare

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  1. Lori Cooper

    October 31, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    So sad that you did not reference the funniest line ever in any real housewives show!!! It was when Vicki was being loaded into the ambulance, and everyone was telling her not to worry, that she would be fine. And then Kelly says, “they don’t know that, you may have a heart attack…or stroke.”

  2. Bill Crane

    November 1, 2017 at 5:51 am

    I love Kelly, and the editors of this show!

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