Glossary of Bachelor and Bachelorette Professions

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I’ve never really understood the appeal of The Bachelor. 25 women desperately trying to convince a guy he should marry them after 6 weeks? No thanks. And none of these guys are all that fantastic to begin with? Ben looked like a cave man. Jason Mesnick was vertically challenged. And this guy Juan Pablo is not only a bigot but doesn’t seem to have a legit job. An entertainment and sports consultant? How pissed would you be to put your life on hold only to find out you were not in fact trying to win Andrew Firestone’s hand in marriage but a guy who probably works at Foot Locker? But then again who has the time to take off a couple months to find a spouse? Who is wiling to put aside their responsibilities and their integrity so they can bone a stranger in a fantasy suite? Do you know that the current season has a contestant that lists their profession as a dog lover? You are a 27 year old who pays the gas bill by loving dogs?

Glossary of Bachelor/Bachelorette Contestant Professions:

Clothing Stylist = Folds Clothes at Forever 21

Lawyer = One Semester Into Law School

Local News Reporter = Makes YouTube Videos in Parent’s Basement

Science Educator = Camp Counselor

Personal Trainer = Receptionist at 24 Hour Fitness

Opera Singer = Karaoke DJ

Medical Sales Rep = Pot Dealer

Veterinary Technician = Front desk at ASPCA

Massage Therapist = Nightclub dancer

Personal Banker = Spends Her Dad’s Money

Music Composer = Tried Out for American Idol 4 Times

Nursing Home Owner = Lives With Grandma

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