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Thank You Cards From Your Kids: Volume II

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I believe a handwritten thank you card is one of the most heartfelt and meaningful ways your child can express gratitude for a birthday gift. I would be doing a disservice as a parent if I didn’t remind my children to acknowledge someone’s generosity.


Three of my four kids are too little to write their own cards, which leaves me with the honor of writing it on their behalf, a task I thoroughly enjoy. In the case of a large birthday celebration the oldest quickly gets overwhelmed and I end up asking her to just sign the bottom.

It is always my hope the person on the receiving end of this token of thanks laughs. Hopefully my children will also do so years from now when they look back at the notes they have “written” to their friends.

Here are some examples of cards I have written on my kid’s behalf.



Dear Sullivans,

Thank you for the David Bowie and Prince t-shirts. This has been a year of losses within the music industry and your most generous gift will allow us to mourn them both in solitude.

Do you think we can expect horrible remakes of Dancing in the Street and Raspberry Beret from the contestants on The Voice this year?

We look forward to eating our faces off at the next celebration of one of our births. We can guarantee mom will cry and she will not serve enough snacks.



Dear Sophie,

Thank you for the at-home pedicure set. We can’t wait to paint each other’s toes at the kitchen table while our mom begs us to give it enough time to dry. She says that when you let it chip you start to look like a mail order bride from the Ukraine or someone in drug withdrawals.

We love it!



Serena and Autumn,

We are obsessed with our Barbies. Mom is happy because we get so into it she has the time to stalk old boyfriends for her friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Want to come over this week to play?



Carter and Easton,

Holy bedazzle! How did you know we love to decorate china? Also, how did you know we needed a box to accommodate our growing collection of costume jewelry? We’ve asked when we can get Cartier love bracelets, but mom said that would happen when we start making our own cash.

How many blizzards do you have to sell at Dairy Queen to make that happen?

Let’s hang out soon.


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