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Fashion Week: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

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This week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the women sat front row at Fashion Week, Kyle waited for an apology from Lisa Vanderpump, and Erika wore a clip on weave. 


Malan Breton, a curator of revolutionary war inspired clothing and a Project Runway alum, held the unveiling of his new line on a military destroyer. It was symbolic because the duration of the house ladies of Beverly Hills trip was spent at war. Lisa Vanderpump was at war with Kyle. Kyle was at war with Dorit. Dorit was at war with her ill-fitting shoes, and Erika was at war with a hairpiece.

After a silent ride on a tour bus and showing up late to a trunk show held at her New York flagship store, Kyle had become undone. For so many years she endured digs from Lisa Vanderpump because it reminded her so much of the relationship she had with her sisters. You let someone slap you across the face because it’s not worth the grief and aggravation. Never stand up for yourself, because it is easier just letting someone shit in your shoes. Vanderpump did not appreciate chatter about her insecurities. She resented hearing Dorit explain to others that she lacked affection as a child, something she shared privately while cameras filmed. She resented the way Kyle…. I actually have no idea why she resented Kyle.


While Lisa, Dorit, and Kyle argued Camille celebrated the modeling achievement of her daughter Mason. (She wore four outfits during the Malan Breton fashion presentation). Lisa Rinna understood this achievement as her own daughters were featured in runway shows. Having your children model was perhaps the highest achievement for a mother in Beverly Hills. The ability to say your daughter wore a designer on a long platform while walking in heels was more prestigious than earning an advanced degree, securing a position at a global law firm, or curing a disease.


Lisa Rinna reminded Kyle it was important to use one’s voice. For so long she allowed herself to be a doormat. Rise up, she preached. It was time to reclaim her housewives power!

Before they left the city Dorit asked for a few moments in Lisa Vanderpump’s hotel room. This was after her team of makeup, hair, and fashion stylists assembled her in an outfit appropriate for a Rolling Stones concert. She was gutted when Lisa noted the only reason for their friendship was because of PK. They had, after all, only known each other for a year and a half. It was, one would agree, incredibly strange to call someone his or her best friend when the only time you have spent together is filming a reality television show.

So Dorit and Lisa were late for Kyle’s retail store party. They barely had time to enjoy the appetizers; much less the beach cover-ups or the faux fur coats Kyle’s godson designed. It was Bethenny Frankel who reminded Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump that it is always more important to address the quarrel versus allowing it to fester. The point of his show is to highlight a problem and then talk about it ad nauseam.


The real problem, noted Lisa Rinna, was that friendships never survive a threesome. Someone is inevitably left out. Once they returned to the city of Angels and Teddi explained to Lisa Vanderpump how humans typically interact a lunch was scheduled. She would finally apologize to Kyle and not qualify it with words like perceived and emotions. Kyle would allow her chandelier earrings to swing back and forth in the hair she would never cut. She would rest her hand on the bag her husband bought. She would blink long enough to allow her lashes time to properly breathe. That was all she wanted, an apology.


Camille gifts Dorit with a ball gag.

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