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Dear Kate: I’m Sleep Deprived; How Can I Stay Awake At Work?

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Dear Kate,

I only slept four hours last night because my twins kept me up. Any tips for how I can stay away at work?



Dear Heather,

Sweet Jesus do I get it.. I’ve got a teething baby. I was so tired this morning I put makeup on just half my face.

Here are some ideas (besides developing a drug habit):

  1. Staple your finger. Temporary pain and a low possibility of tetanus, but gives you a nice jolt of energy to get you past 10:00.
  2. Wall push-ups. Minimal arm sweat situation, but it will get the blood flowing.
  3. Electric slide. A wonderful wedding reception tradition and a great way to work your leg muscles.
  4. Take a lap around the office in the form of a conga line. Get the whole team involved!
  5. Bathroom aerobics. Your boss might think you have a form of anorexia, but at least you can keep your eyeballs open.
  6. Random screaming fits. Explain to your boss its just part of your creative process.

When all else fails, challenge yourself to sing every single song from the Enrique Iglesias catalog.


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