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Dear Kate: How Do I Get My Friends To Stop Asking When We’ll Get Married?

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Dear Kate,

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years. How do I get my friends to quit asking when I will get married?




Dear Rebecca,

I get it. Why don’t you answer them with one of the following responses next time they ask:

  • “We are waiting until we get our security clearance with the White House.”
  • “We’re looking for a new reception spot because Wynona and Naomi Judd won’t answer our calls.”
  • “Bobby is having Leonardo DiCaprio find him a conflict free diamond.”
  • “We’re waiting for the blowout sale at Zales.”
  • “I am waiting for my psychic to tell me if my numbers are right.”
  • We still need to do the paperwork so we can find out if we are related.”
  • He’s still got to get a divorce from his last wife.”
  • “I am still thinking I might have a shot with Ricky Schroeder.”
  • “When I’m guaranteed an episode of David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding.
  • “We are afraid if we get married we might end up miserable like you guys.”

That should give you some breathing room.

Much love,



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