Dear Facebook Friends, No More Tagging Old Pics

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Dear Facebook Friends,
Do we really need to torture each other by tagging old pictures? How would you feel if I took the most horrendous pictures from your past and let your entire contact list gawk at your “fugly” stage? Don’t you think I want to forget what I looked like before I plucked my eyebrows, colored my hair, and let go of my Crystal Gayle hair? Grant me some peace. I don’t want to have any more panic attacks when I look at my notification list and see I have been tagged. 7th grade trip to the Sewage Treatment Plant in West Chester? Seriously. Do we really need to look at pictures from that day? 11th grade trip to the bologna factory in Lancaster? I can not even smell bologna without dry heaving, and now I have to look at my awkward self standing in front of a smoker?
Please, I beg of you, no more tagging.
Thanks, K

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