CNN Outs Aniston, John Edwards, and Rain Storms

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Lainey Gossip has a post today about a CNN Showbiz Tonight segment outing Jennifer Aniston for love hoaxes (see my earlier post on fake relationships in Hollywood below). Here is a link to the blog post and CNN segment:;=0
Elizabeth Edwards is one brave woman. (I recommend her book Saving Graces if you have ever had to deal with grief. She is a great writer.) I feel tremendous compassion for Elizabeth, her children and Quinn, the daughter of Rielle Hunter. Imagine having to find out as a teenager that your father denied you were his own? It would not surprise me if John Edwards still thinks he can make a political comeback, although the release of Andrew Young’s book next month will make it all the more unrealistic.
Southern California is getting pounced with rain and heavy wind gusts. Our ceiling is leaking, so we are staying at a hotel. My little Mia is living it up. Here she is in her very own robe. Before I know she will be ordering room service and making spa appointments.

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