Celebrity Psychic Readings: Volume 1

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Jen Yates is an intuitive that uses clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance to tune into other people’s energy, which means she sees images, and hears messages about others. She is also a medium and connects to others who have passed. She gives intuitive readings and medium sessions. I asked her to read energy for four different celebrities. This is what she said.

Jessica Biel: She feels like Jessica grew up with very low self-esteem, thought she was unattractive, had few friends, and moved around a lot because of the entertainment business. She seems pretty bossy, and tries to wear the pants. She didn’t think her marriage to Justin seemed true/real. She thinks she is afraid to have kids because it might ruin the career she wants so badly. Disconnected energy between Jessica and Justin. She feels like he had real love with Cameron, but there were too many other issues.

Kate Hudson: Kate didn’t really have parents growing up, but felt very loved by Kurt Russell. She feels she isn’t taken seriously in her career and blames her mother. She is still waiting for a break out role, but thinks the reason it has not come is because of her mom’s flighty persona it follows her and she doesn’t get cast for good roles because of it. Nervous energy.

Channing Tatum: He has a pretty decent energy. Not the brightest bulb and is getting more and more cocky. He was a little cocky as a child, but his parents would put him in his place. He relies on a lot of people to help him make decisions. She doesn’t see him as very deep. Family of origin may have given poor example when it comes to monogamy.

Giuliana Rancic: She has a controlling energy. Initially there was love, but her husband feels like he was duped. The baby stuff caused quite a bit of problems. But he almost feels like she pretended to be one way before they got married and then showed a different side afterwards. They are drifting more apart. She has a good heart, but she can be controlling and can break down easily. He is very frustrated. They still try every now and then to work it out, but they are never on the same page.

You can contact Jen here: http://souliving.com

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