If I Were a Lifestyle Expert

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Lifestyle Expert: A tastemaker skilled in the art of disseminating information on how to live one’s best life.

You know who is most well suited for this job? Celebrities. It is no longer necessary to graduate from a culinary institute, be a certified interior designer, or study at a prestigious school of fashion design to become a lifestyle expert. You can just be an actress or a reality star with a great banana muffin recipe. It’s simple; post a picture making fresh pasta on Instagram and you may as well have their own cookbook, restaurant chain, and a line of aprons. Their stylist dresses them well for award shows and movie premieres, so they should have a clothing line. Their makeup artist makes them look beautiful in magazine interviews, so they should sell eyeshadow packs and lip liner. They naturally smell like lavender, vanilla, and tuberose, so they should develop their own signature perfume and after shower lotion.

  1. Reese Witherspoon – Southern inspired clothing, home goods, and accessories.
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow – Juice detoxes, vaginal steams, expensive jumpers, and fancy travel.
  3. Tori Spelling – Party planning.
  4. Cameron Diaz – Natural health and fitness.
  5. Jessica Alba – Environmentally safe diapers and sunscreen.
  6. Lauren Conrad – Sheath dresses and headbands.
  7. Sarah Michelle Gellar – Cupcake tools.
  8. Shay Mitchell – Friendship tips and book selections.
  9. Molly Simms – Party outfits and hairstyles.
  10. Jennifer Lopez – Skincare, perfume, and velour tracksuits.


Is it important to be able to bake chicken properly to write a cookbook? Can you still be a fitness expert if you can barely do step aerobics? Would it be possible to be considered a beauty expert if you don’t wear foundation and you apply eyeliner like a 4 year old? Because I would like to be a lifestyle expert too.

Here’s my idea. If I can get enough people to follow me on Instagram I think I can create an Omnichannel venture of my own, something I have dreamed about since about five minutes ago when the idea came to me.

KOOT is a lifestyle brand with one very important mission: Make the Every Lady a Special Lady with Special Things.


  • Luxurious salts used to moisturize skin, marinate a piece of chicken, or de-ice your driveway after a snowstorm.
  • Elderflower liquor used for my signature perfume, massaging your scalp, and refreshing summer cocktails.
  • A sander to rip off the dead skin from your face, elbows, or the feet.


  • Gluten free waffles and communion wafers.
  • Chicken taco party packs.
  • Protein bars that don’t taste like chalk or feces.




  • Post-pregnancy undergarments including mesh underwear and waterproof nursing bras.
  • Full body legging.
  • Parkas for pool parties and beach days.
  • Jazzer flats for breakdancing and Easter Sunday.

Forthcoming keychain, yoga mat, and sun visor accessories.

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