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Chris Pine has been in some big films including Star Trek, The Princess Diaries, and This Means War, but he can’t seem to break into the B and A list category. One of things actors in this predicament do is use their dating life to pique the interest of the tabloids. The more they are in tabloids the more casting agents and directors take note. The more press you get outside of the project you are working the easier it makes the studios trying to sell their movie. So you get more roles and a bigger paycheck. That’s why you have to doubt most of the relationships being peddled in magazines and places like e news. Are they dating or is their manager trying to position them for a role or bigger pay out?

So back to Chris Pines. In this photograph published on the US Weekly site it says he is holding hands leaving a club with a swimsuit model. She, of course, retweeted the picture and comments praising her legs. (Undoubtedly she wants a Hollywood career as well). Though he confirmed he was single recently his people gave the following insider information concerning this girl he left with: “(Chris) is very attracted to her.” And will this relationship last? “Inside sources” — which means his publicist say, “They are having a good time. He’s very excited about his career right now, too.”

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So basically the message they want to convey is he is banging her and not to forget he will be Jack Ryan in the forthcoming film based on the Tom Clancy novel.

Imagine if this is what life was like for normal people? I’d love to be someone’s inside source providing insight on someone’s true intentions in their dating life, especially if they gave me some creative freedom and I would be referred to as “an outstanding inside source”…. For example:

“Sarah is very attracted to Billy, but she’s concerned that he will never find a real job. I mean, club promoter? Isn’t that someone that just hands out drugs in the bathroom?”

“Frank will probably make out with her a few times and then pretend he’s got some family emergency before never calling her again.”

“Mary wants to get serious with Brody, but she’s heard rumors that he’s got herpes. She’s debating whether she should ask him for a copy of his last physical.”

Greg lied to her when he said he wants kids one day. What he really meant was there is a chance he might have a few illegitimate children.” 

You could really have some fun with it.

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