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Catching Kelce Recap: Group Date

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This week on Catching Kelce Travis took the remains contestants on a group date, received a secret letter, and made a workout video.


  1. Travis wanted to get know the remaining contestants better so he challenged them to a game of cornhole on the party deck of a hotel. Travis’ brother Jason and his manager Aaron tagged along because they had nothing better to do and they enjoyed barbecue food.
  2. Lolo made an unsavory impression on Travis by pointing her various deal breakers including chicken legs, cigarette smoking, and elliptical machines. Travis, it turns out, thoroughly enjoys a stationary exercise machine used to simulate stair climbing.
  3. After explaining to the women how much he hates drama Travis notified Maya she would be the recipient of the first group date and would be permitted to bring 6 girlfriends along for the ride. Emboldened by her temporary ability to pick and choose what other women were permitted to join on her romantic journey, Maya made the strategic choice to invite the women she perceived as the least threat. “I have gone ahead and chosen you,” she explained to the women chosen, “because you are BBBs – bland, boring, and bit—es. Some of you have zero personality and zero style.” The others nodded with collective gratitude.
  4. Anika, a lover of mesh bathing suit covers and jackets worn by pimps, wrote Travis a secret letter and drew him a picture so that he would understand she was ready to take things to the next level. “I am trapped in a world full of cackling hyenas, take me away sweet Prince and when you do get me please make sure we can stop at Carl’s Jr. because I’m starving.”
  5. Maya’s group date strategy backfired when they were told they would participate in an exercise video about Pilates and yoga. “I have to let you know I have not worked out in awhile and I have a knee injury that acts up when it is cloudy,” Maya explained. The others, however, were thrilled at the prospect of profusely sweating while they competed for the attention of the same man.
  6. After an introductory dance sequence led by Travis and in Richard Simons apparel the women were asked to perform aerial planks and squats. Lexi was thrilled because the video would air in 450 satellite gyms and could further her brand.
  7. Veronica from New Jersey impressed Travis by agreeing to have him slaughter her on a basketball court. “I like that you were down to play hard like one of my boys,” he explained later over a gourmet meal in the laundry room of his friend’s tops secret restaurant.
  8. Back at the house Anika defended destroying Maya’s group date by sneaking a letter to Travis. She may have dressed like the lead in an off off Broadway performance of Pretty Woman, but she was not a robot. She was someone who happened to enjoy roller-skating at dinner parties or wearing excessive headwear to combat humidity. She also had the wherewithal to honk a blow horn when competitors enter her living accommodations.
  9. During a two minute warning the contestants were alerted who was on the chopping block that week. During elimination Anika explained her discomfort with the show. She did not enjoy mean people. Travis repaid her by allowing her to stay off on the side while he explained to hopeful contestants they would need to return to their shitty jobs back home. Lolo promised him she was more treat than trick. “At least two of these women are here for the ride, specifically the one who talks about all her YouTube followers. 
  10. Jenny, Jessica, and Lolo were dismissed. He thanked them for their service and for them to pack up their duffle bags and leave.


A red carpet event challenge.

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