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Bunny Gate: 10 Observations From Beverly Hills Reunion

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During part two of the Beverly Hills reunion Erika asked PK if he expects to be a housewife next season, Kim returned the bunny Lisa Rinna gave to her grandson, and Eden tried desperately to prove she was cast on the right television show.

Tonight on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion I noticed the following:


  1. Erika didn’t explain the underwear problem to Tom until well after the season stopped filming. The good news was he got it because he understands when someone wants to secure a spot on the show for another season.
  2. PK thought he just made a joke when he intimated Erika works the streets. He also didn’t think he owed her husband an apology. “If the situation was reversed he wouldn’t do the same for me.” Tom still has no idea who PK is.
  3. PK also suffers from amnesia.
  4. PK is hopeful next season he gets to hold a diamond in the opening credits and has already been drafting potential tag lines.
  5. Everyone thought Dorit should still design swimwear.
  6. Kim Richards was Marla Maples before Marla Maples. Had she played her cards right she could have one day been the First Lady of something.
  7. Lisa Rinna still has Eden’s love jug, but can’t tell you where it is. Her housekeeper probably keeps it with the kitchen supplied in the garage.
  8. Eden and Kim don’t have the same philosophies about sober living. Had they seen eye to eye they could have traveled the country as motivational speakers.
  9. According to Kyle, Kim is a big believer in energy levels, much like her belief in turtles and frosted pink lipstick. It was because of her ability to read energy vibrations she kept a bear packed in wrinkled cellophane given by Lisa Rinna for her grandson and then returned it on a televised reunion. “Although I just said you are a good person I am returning this to you, which has been sitting in in a pile of leggings beside Kingsley’s cage. Maybe when you are a better person you can give it back to me, even though it now smells like animal piss.” Kyle shoved her finger into her mouth to prevent herself from laughing. It had not gone down as they had rehearsed in the days before filming the reunion.
  10. Lisa got up to take a lap. When she returned Kyle had hoped Kim would explain her superstitions, like how she, for example, skips three times before getting in bed and won’t read books that have titles that start with M. Kim got up to speak to Lisa backstage. “Tell her all about your weird superstitions, Kim,” said Kyle. Lisa Rinna had zero interest in talking to a woman carrying a bunny while wearing creased sequins.


The bunny rejection continues.

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