Brad Pitt’s Ridiculous Perfume Commercial

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You would think that with the amount of money Brad Pitt makes off a film he wouldn’t take low hanging fruit jobs. Because a perfume ad is a little low-rent, even if it is for Chanel and definitely when it is for a woman’s fragrance. As if a monologue by Brad Pitt is going to propel me off the couch, into the car, and to the nearest Nordstroms to pick up a bottle. As if the need to spritz myself in the fragrance of Chanel was brought on by the selling of an over-acting actor.

Please watch the commercial here.

It’s not a journey.

Every journey ends.

But we go on.

The world turns and we turn with it.

Plans disappear. (Stares into the unknown).

Dreams take over. (He looks to the heavens).

But wherever I go

There you are. (Surprised at your gaze).

My look (pause), my fate (pause), my fortune (and release).

How do you think they sold this one to him? Listen, you’re standing in a room. It’s a photo booth for school picture day. You look off to the side and consider how we are all on a collective journey and how despite plans and dreams disappearing that you are there. Where are we? We are here. But you are there. Perfume bottle.

Ah, yes. He could do that, he thinks. He is an actor after all. If he can convince people he can age backwards he can convince them that we are all part of the sun rising on the Earth as our plans disappear. Is it our fate? Is it fortune? Sigh. Deep stare to side. Eyebrow raise. Yes, it our look. As the world is turning it is inevitable. Perfume.

He’d probably say it is part of what is required as a fine actor. You should always push yourself into situations where you can experience the great pains and joys of human existence. That a 30 second segment can encapsulate passion. That it is part of an ongoing process to challenge one’s craft.

But it costs money hiring a fleet of nannies, managers, agents, attorneys, and a hair and skin team. But most actors will do this in foreign countries to avoid the ridicule. He acts as if  he’s soliciting votes for Leading Actor in a television commercial about perfume, but he probably needs to pay for furniture for his chateau, or for Maddox’s knife collections, or perhaps his Brazilian blowouts.


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  1. heather

    October 16, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    wait. that was SOBAD. I actually can’t believe he did that.

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