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Sick Woman : 15 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Observations

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During the final installment of this season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Lisa Rinna called Kim Richards a sick woman, Lisa Vanderpump cried about dogs and her son Max’s birth mother, and Dorit explains how she lets go of a wait staff. 

15 Observations From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion


  1. Lisa Rinna will win a Daytime Emmy for her performance in Take Back The Bunny. She thinks Kim is a sick woman.
  2. Kim Richards has not accepted the last 15 apologies from Lisa Rinna because she is using her as a meal ticket; otherwise she has absolutely zero story lines.
  3. Lisa Rinna may make jokes about her enhanced lips, but she does not appreciate Kyle insisting she is no longer physically capable of closing them.
  4. Enabling is a dysfunctional behavior approach intended to help resolve a specific problem but in fact may perpetuate or exacerbate the problem Fun fact: In 2010 Mauricio was treating Kim like a second wife by paying all of her bills. Another fun fact: Kyle does not think she is an enabler.
  5. Lisa Rinna did sustain memory loss mid-season.
  6. Lisa Vanderpump was dressed like a geisha.
  7. Kim Richards thinks soap opera actresses are garbage. (Side note: Kim may be unemployed).
  8. Lisa Rinna doesn’t have a Xanax problem, but probably has a pill-hoarding problem. She read from a pill guide noting each one in a Ziplock sandwich bag. “Sounds legit,” whispered Kim. Andy encouraged everyone to take a Xanax.
  9. Dorit made it clear she did not get up from her dining table to do drugs, she probably did it to “release the wait staff” or “put her kids to bed” or “refresh her eyeliner.”
  10. Lisa’s daughter was embraced by Gigi Hadid in a hotel in a foreign country while standing next to her bodyguard.
  11. Lisa Rinna doesn’t need pills or alcohol to reenact Erika Jayne videos in the broad daylight on an outdoor patio table.
  12. Dorit talks in circles. She also regrets giving Erika a pair off underwear.
  13. While Eileen has always assumed if you see something you should say something, she now understands not everyone is playing with a full deck of cards (Dorit).
  14. Despite the drag out Xanax fights and laughing in Lisa Rinna’s face when Kim presented her with a wrapped bunny she still believes everyone on stage has a good heart. She cannot, however, say the same thing for previous cast members. (I am guessing she meant the switch that hosted back yard stripper pole parties).
  15. Erika believes everyone needs an Erika Jayne makeover. (Barbie wigs are not included).

Then they all drank green smoothies, which should have been laced with Xanax.

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