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Pantygate: 16 Observations From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

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During part one of the Beverly Hills reunion Erika addressed claims she had an icy demeanor and pantygate; Dorit defended her parenting skills; tensions escalated when Dorit’s husband PK joined the ladies on the couch, and everyone compared the use of a nanny. 

Tonight on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion I noticed the following:


  1. The women were photographed before the reunion sans makeup, with the exception of Erika in full drag. It made me wonder if Erika always sleeps in full-face contour and lip gloss. Does Tom with sleep with her? Does she ever get spray tan on the sheets? Has she ever mistakenly swallowed eyelashes?
  2. Dorit is fully aware people think her name is Dorito. It’s a lot better than, for example, sweet tits or Cheetos or Cool Ranch.
  3. Dorit has three full time housekeepers and at least four nannies to take care of two kids because she maintains a rigorous lifestyle.
  4. A designer t-shirt dress is not acceptable in Beverly Hills, but celebrated in Pasadena.
  5. When Erika screws up she offers her beauty squad as a peace offering.
  6. Erika’s adult son lives with her.
  7. Someone else married PK.
  8. Erika doesn’t own a Birkin. (She does however sleep on piles of cash).
  9. Boy George stays with PK and Dorit because it is cheaper than VBRO.
  10. Kyle has never had a nanny, but has had a manny.
  11. Kyle has a mausoleum for retired reunion dresses.
  12. Everyone wants their own personal Mikey, a choreographer who can also blow out your hair.
  13. Erika’s vagina is often confused with a pink elephant.
  14. Erika was so bored by PK she picked at her cuticles. Would pantygate ever end?
  15. Erika talks about important shit and Dorit talks about incredibly boring shit.
  16. Paul (PK) Kemsley and Simon Van Kempen should hang out.


More hair.

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  1. VHH

    April 11, 2017 at 11:55 pm

    How is Kyle’s dress not a subject yet?

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