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The Bachelorette: Did The Men Tell All?

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This week on the Bachelorette the men told all about living in dorm-like conditions with the hope of marrying the same woman. 


11 Observations From The Bachelorette This Week: Men Tell All 

  1. Amongst the Men Tell All’s most memorable moments are of Kaitlin reading a Twitter message from a stranger telling her she’s a horrible person and Ashley getting a non-vaginal ultrasound on stage.
  2. Blake and Kaboom spent little time connecting with other contestants because of their deep love for one another, and therefore have no memories of the greatest dude experience of a lifetime.
  3. DeMario was baffled by the appearance of a frazzled woman with malnourished arms on the basketball episode this season. “She was a side piece,” he explained as the others nodded their heads. “Did Bill Clinton have a love affair with Monica Lewinsky?” DeMario asked America. (Well, yes, they had an affair). “Have you seen any ocular facts?” asked DeMario.
  4. Iggy was proud of the way the others viewed him as the Stefano DiMera of The Bachelorette franchise. He was also wearing a necklace that could tug a boat.
  5. No one likes Lee, and for good reason.
  6. Let’s be honest, Rachel would have never chosen Lee or Kenny anyway.
  7. Kenny’s daughter Mackenzie is gorgeous. As Kenny cried about the moments he missed out on his daughter’s childhood I felt confident his DM would be filled with messages from women wanting him to be their lover.
  8. Dean is an angel winged dove. His father welcomed producers into his home, so he knew what the process would entail. He also wanted Rachel to see the real side of everything, which included his horrible dad. If he should chose to move forward with a position as the next The Bachelor I support it and hope I could appear as his life coach.
  9. Rachel entered the stage and offered to give Lee a dissertation on black history month and women’s rights. Lee obviously didn’t take her up on the offer.
  10. Rachel finds Adam just as boring as we do.
  11. Dean stores gum behind his ears, Josiah is a binge eater, Alex likes facials, and The Ticklemonster is a freak.

The Bachelorette Recap: Men Tell All, Rachel, DeMario


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