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Geneva: 10 Observations From The Bachelorette

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This week on The Bachelorette Rachel traveled to Geneva, Switzerland to choose her final four selections before hometown dates. 

10 Observations From The Bachelorette This Week 

Geneva, Switzerland

  1. Why does Rachel have to take the remaining contestants to international locations? Can’t she get a sense of whether they are viable spouse candidates by shopping at some outlets outside of Palm Springs?
  2. Rachel sat down with the remaining men and asked them to trust the process, and that she understood what it was like to put your life on hold for someone who is also dating several other people. She understood emotions were running him so she alerted them to three one-on-dates, the first being spent with Bryan who at that point she practically dry humped in front of others.
  3. Adam the real estate agent felt like he was suddenly at a disadvantage, which was strange since without the aid of captioning I would have absolutely no idea of his name, let alone occupation.
  4. Bryan’s date was spent driving around Geneva in a borrowed Bentley, riding on a luxury boat, and having Rachel “buy” him a Breitling watch to match the one she “gifted” herself. “I am blessed,” Bryant noted while looking at his reflection in the rear view window. Their date culminated with a two-top non-dinner in the middle of an auditorium covered with candelabras. Bryan admitted part of the reason he is single is that his mom is a nightmare. She gave him a rose.
  5. Dean and Peter grew restless back in the hotel suite. “I don’t know what she sees in Bryan,” said Dean while his clammy feet sat perched in the lower right part of my TV screen. (Lady boner killer). “He’s 37 and lives in Miami.” Nothing more needed to be said.
  6. In a direct departure from Rachel’s romantic date with Bryan she had Dean sit through a Catholic mass in French, a language neither of them spoke. Later they walked through cobble streets despite wearing uncomfortable shoes. Seven hours later he told her his family was dysfunctional. She reminded him she was an attorney, so she’s seen a lot of shit.
  7. Peter was rewarded the last one-on-one date, enduring below zero temperatures and suffocating from dog sled kick back. She admired the way his teeth matched the snow in The Alps. Peter explained in a long-winded story that he left another woman heartbroken, a decision that clearly still crippled him emotionally. He also noted at times during this TV romance process he wanted to leave and go back to his life in Wisconsin where he had his own apartment and didn’t have to stay in hotels with his fraternity brothers. She gave him a rose even though his life was basically one never-ending Wilson Phillips song.
  8. On the group date in France Rachel wept as she explained to Matt that despite hardly knowing him she felt like his personality most matched her own. “We are too much alike, so I must let you go.” Why would you want get rid of someone just like you? Wouldn’t that make your life so much easier?
  9. Eric sealed the last rose by admitting his childhood in Baltimore was difficult and that several relatives have turned to drugs. (That should be a fun Thanksgiving!) He also noted he has never brought a girl home to meet his family. Typically this would be a red flag, but I am almost positive Rachel wasn’t listening to that portion of the conversation. Adam tried to convince Rachel she made a mistake by letting him go, but she was pretty checked out of that conversation too.
  10. Though Rachel felt confident going into the hometown dates she had yet to meet Dean’s dad who may or may not be an astrology wizard.


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