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Park City: 8 Best Moments From The Bachelorette

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This week on The Bachelorette the group went to Park City, Utah, Garrett admitted he had been married once before, the remaining men participated in a lumberjack competition, and Becca and Wills went on a snowmobile excursion. 


8 Most Memorable Moments From The Bachelorette This Week

  1. Becca gave Jordan, a self-identified model a pair of golden meatball huggers as a gift. His joy was short lived because his nemesis David, the victim of a bunk bed accident walked through the doors of a hospital and into Becca’s arms. “Since you need to rest I will give you this rose now,” said Becca, which he appreciated because his nose was broken, his lips were swollen, and there was virtually nothing left of his dignity. “Jason said it best,” Jordan told the contestant with a home perm, “David doesn’t like you because you are you.”
  2. After the early-in-the-night rose ceremony Becca sent Ryan and Mike back to their pre-Bachelorette lives. “Hopefully you will get some endorsement opportunities,” she yelled to them as they entered the waiting limousine. She alerted the remaining fifteen men they would be allowed to leave the confines of the rental mansion (and their bunk beds) for Park City, Utah.
  3. Garrett was the obvious front-runner as he had reminded Becca of someone her late father would enjoy. Little did she know that the show’s policy of isolation would impede her ability to know within a reasonable time period that she and Garrett had totally different political beliefs and values. Since he was tall and had nice teeth she would somehow look beyond this highly obvious hurdle. Producers made light of this fact by making sure an Olympic medal winning lesbian couple with children took them out bobsledding. Garrett later admitted he had been married before and for only two months. He was with an “emotionally abusive” ex-wife who tore him away from his family. HELLO, RED FLAG. Becca looked past this as they slow danced to a country music singer I have never heard of.
  4. A bunch of contestants went on a lumberjack excursion. I took that opportunity to consume snacks and make sure my kids were asleep.
  5. Jordan’s golden meatball hugger prance didn’t go over so well. Becca was somewhat repulsed and Colton felt like it was disrespectful to the franchise.
  6. After gifting Becca with a custom fragrance Jean Blanc confessed he was falling in love with her, which confused her and ultimately led to his dismissal. “I thought that is what you wanted to hear,” he said of falling in love with her after knowing her for approximately 25 minutes. “If anyone is not being honest with me you should leave,” Becca told the remaining men. Several looked out the window rather than express through their eyeballs the actual reason they were willing to be on this show.
  7. Wills reassured Becca she didn’t throw her year away by agreeing to be The Bachelorette as they sat on a mountain in the freezing cold. He understood her heartbreak as he once had a woman suggest their relationship would work much better if she could be with other dudes. “I worry I will not ever be enough,” he admitted while barely opening his eyes. They made out against a stonewall.
  8. At the rose ceremony Becca let go Nick and Christon.


They all go to Las Vegas.

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