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Norway – 10 Observations From The Bachelorette

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This week on the Bachelorette the remaining contestants traveled to Norway where they played handball, repelled off ski jumps, and watched Lee and Kenny fight.

10 Observations From The Bachelorette This Week


  1. Bryan told Rachel he was just focused on their relationship, and not the soap opera that was filming behind the scenes. He could see them falling in love, or at the very least on the cover of In Touch Weekly.
  2. Rachel took Jack on a one-on-one date and couldn’t figure out what was missing in their relationship, which was sexual chemistry and a feeling of safety should they ever be alone on a mountain near a cliff. She let him go.
  3. Rachel asked Iggy and The Tickle Monster to go home at the first rose ceremony of the episode. Iggy hoped he would have spent less time gossiping about other contestants and the latter wondered if he would ever find someone who appreciated his willingness to invade their personal space. She kept Lee, who was most certainly a piece of garbage.
  4. The remaining contestants were awarded with an all expense paid trip to Oslo, Norway, just like every other reality show currently in production.
  5. Bryan got to spend a day traipsing across the city with Rachel, highlighted by the opportunity to repel off a ski jump 187 feet in the air. “Do you get the significant of 187 feet?” she asked a producer. “ It means murder!” she yelped. She almost had a nervous breakdown until she looked into his eyes and saw how committed he was to multiplying the number of his Instagram followers by making it to the final. In order to make himself seem more vulnerable he admitted in high school he weighed less, which is like saying your worst physical characteristic are your skinny ankles.
  6. Production forced the group date participants to wear wrestling singlets so Rachel could size up their ability to play handball and the size of their package. Will received a rose.
  7. Josiah was overjoyed with a one-sided conversation he had with Rachel, one where she pointed out to him he never asks her any personal questions. Despite this he still caressed her face and promised her that she was his ideal wife. “Okay, but you don’t know anything about me,” she tried to explain to him. “This has been a good talk,” he replied.
  8. Peter and Rachel dry humped in the hot tub on the hotel patio while the others waited for hours inside.
  9. Despite all signs pointing to disaster Rachel brought Lee and Kenny on a two-in-one date in the Norwegian wilderness to find “clarity.” It was like bringing two Real Housewives to a salon with only one flat iron. Lee did his best to convince Rachel that Kenny confessed to a wild side brought on by cocktails. It was his horrendous attempt at trying to make Kenny seem unhinged.
  10. Lee was hopeful Kenny might punch him in the jaw, so it would make his lies about Kenny seem legit.


Kenny and Lee settle their score. 

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