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8 Moments From The Bachelorette This Week: Thailand

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This week on The Bachelorette Becca traveled with the men to Thailand so that she could eliminate one of the suitors.

The following are the highlights from this week’s episode.


1. The final contestants were forced to explore their feelings with a woman they barely knew while profusely sweating in Thailand. If you can’t fall in love in sweltering humidity, what chance do you have in this world?

2. Becca wrapped her cross-country legs around Blake as they met in a wooded area, like the kind you would see in a documentary about a murder on Netflix. Later they met with two monks who were happy to provide guidance on romantic relationships despite being celibate and the fact television (and therefore an appearance on a Primetime show in the United States) goes against the 227 precepts in their every day life.

3. That evening after a non-meal and a lazy conversation on a hotel sofa they received notification that a hotel suite fitted with condoms was now clean and ready. Side note: Chris Harrison has beautiful penmanship.

4. It was clear Becca had weaker feelings for Jason based on her disinterest in mounting him upon their reunion. After an unromantic tour of a pyramid she notified him that evening that letting him go was the hardest thing she had done in her entire life. Kicking this guy off this romance show is the HARDEST thing she has ever experienced. Let that marinate. She wept in her hotel suite before ordering pay per view and ordering noodles.

5. Becca and Garrett began their date by paddle boarding on bamboo shafts while locals splashed them with bacteria laced water. She asked him later whether it was his plan to have her fit into his life or vice versa. He assured her that his job allows him to go anywhere. TRANSLATION: He is unemployed.

6. Producers were kind in letting Becca have intercourse with another man in another hotel so that mid-sexy time she would not be reminded of what she had done just days before. They broke the headboard.

7. Jason returned to get closure, but Becca was unable to give consider answers on why they lacked the sexual and emotional chemistry to last two weeks past their US Magazine cover. He gifted her with a scrapbook. She left it at the hotel for the next occupants of the suite. She was impressed with his crafting skills. (I hope at the very least Jason gets an endorsement deal with Michael’s).

8. There was no ceremony since Jason was already eliminated. In other words, the last two standing have to meet her family in the Maldives in two weeks.

“The Bachelorette” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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