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11 Best Moments From Bachelorette: Men Tell All

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On The Bachelorette’s Men Tell All the jilted contestants gathered to confront each other and JoJo to discuss what transpired during the season and to get answers to why she left them without a rose.

11 Best Moments From The Bachelorette Men Tell All. 


  1. This was the first time I have seen several of the contestants. I still have no idea who the Santa Claus was. I don’t know the name of the Bachelor superfan. Is the Marine named Manuel? I seriously can’t remember. Also, they all got spray tans.
  2. Evan provided an interesting tutorial on steroids.
  3. Chad had to be kept in a maximum-security trailer prior to filming.
  4. Because Nick, an electrical engineer from Fort Lauderdale never received any screen time during the season he removed his blazer and offered to punch Chad. Viewers immediately forgot about him once he sat back in his folding chair.
  5. Chad and Jordan will probably never appear as co-stars in a buddy cop movie.
  6. No one addressed whether the men will be putting out a compilation CD of the songs they wrote and performed during the show. (Hence no forthcoming nomination at this year’s Grammy Awards. Sorry, America).
  7. Luke solidified his role as the next season’s Bachelor by expressing how JoJo gave him panic attacks when she dumped him.
  8. Chase thanked JoJo for dumping him on national television despite the way he stared at a wall for weeks after the finale.
  9. Chad wished her well despite keeping Robby who broke up with his girlfriend days before filming and Jordan whose brother has not spoken to him in years. Upon further reflection she declined to respond because it would be giving him what he wanted, which was enough time on primetime television that he could garner the attention of potential talent scouts.
  10. Although she put them all through emotional turmoil she thanked them for becoming such good friends. “You all put your lives on hold leaving jobs you hated or had given you a pink slip so you could appear on a national television show. I am sorry I let you go before you could put together a significant reel to submit to the producers at Famously Single.
  11. Vinny’s mom may have appeared on Mob Wives.

Next Week:

Jojo must choose between Robby and Jordan.

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