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The Bachelor Recap: Vanessa’s Father

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This week on The Bachelor Vanessa’s father asked Nick if he had also asked his other three girlfriend’s parents for their permission to get engaged.

Observations From The Bachelor This Week


  1. As torrential rain poured down on Bimini the women feared Nick wouldn’t give them the opportunity to visit their hometowns. “Finally I can introduce my parents to my boyfriend,” said Corinne. It was unclear if she would share with them that he had probably been boning at least one other of his three girlfriends.
  2. Raven brought Nick back to Hoxie to meet her parents and her police officer brother who almost arrested them for trespassing a grain bin. “If you wan to have fun in Hoxie you need to known how to go mudding, be able to operate an ATV, and own at least 12 bandanas,” she explained. “When I picture my life with Raven I see excitement,” he explained. He also could also foresee manic depression. Where do you buy skinny jeans? Is there a barber who can do Brazilian straining process? After dry humping in a swamp she whisked him back to her parent’s home where her father promptly informed her his cancer test came back negative. “I am officially cancer free,” he notified his child and her television boyfriend. Nick congratulated her father on his diagnosis and then asked him how long a drive it is to the nearest airport.
  3. Rachel was delighted to have Nick come to Dallas to meet her family and the congregation of her church. “Have you ever been to a church service like this?” she asked. He noted he had not, but that he felt comfortable being with the Lord, it was how his parents spent the first months of their relationship. Rachel’s mother Kathy was undoubtedly concerned. “From what I have seen of him, which is probably three hours max, he seems sincere.” She did, however, trust her daughter’s judgment. Also notable, Rachel’s father didn’t appear on camera because of “business obligations.”
  4. In Miami Corinne took Nick shopping. She spent $3,000 on pleather pants, faux leather slip-ons, and a V-neck sweater, which was a switch from Nick’s typical bargain bin choices. She let him know she loved him as they nibbled on over priced salads. In her parent’s condo Raquel the nanny greeted him with wide-open arms. “Take her away,” she whispered. Her father Jim tried to poison him with a Greek olive. “You have feelings for this guy?” he asked his daughter as they lounged in her bedroom. “Here’s the deal, I’ve got three other girlfriends,” he explained to Raquel. “Let’s say you guys end up together,” she said, “can you get me a raise?” In the other room she admitted to her father Nick lacked a job. “He used to have a job in software, but now she’s angling for a slot on Dancing With The Stars,” she replied. Later Corinne’s’ father and Nick sipped from glasses of scotch. “You get that she has an expensive lifestyle,” her father asked. Nick asked producers how quickly he could leave. They did not take a tour of their multi-million dollar business. Her parents watched them from the window and Raquel cleaned up the plates.
  5. In Montreal Vanessa outsourced her scrapbooking to her special needs students. “Can you guys compile our favorite memories into a notebook even though it was actually my life experience?” she asked. In front of her family home she quizzed him about her relative’s names. “You do get that I am with three other people,” he replied. Vanessa’s aunt Catherine astutely noted Nick and Vanessa had yet to have a serious conversation about their future. She didn’t even know what he did for a living. Her sister cried to him. “I will hate you if you break her heart.” At her father’s house Vanessa bragged about the trips they had taken in the few weeks they had known each other. “So it’s been a vacation,” said her stepmother. Her father, who may have been a supporting actor in The Sopranos, glared at him across the living room love seat. “Your daughter is special to me,” Nick said before making mention of the fact they were both adults. “If we at some point get to a place where might go forward can I ask for your permission?” Nick asked. Her father reminded him he’d asked three other fathers the same exact question.
  6. The following week in New York Nick considered his options on a penthouse balcony. How would he end this shit show?


Andi returns.

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