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Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap: Proposals

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During part two of the Bachelor in Paradise finale three couples got engaged with romantic proposals and one broke up on the beach.

Best Moments From The Bachelor in Paradise Finale Part Two: Proposals

  1. Nick thought Jen was amazing. “It is amazing what a night of passion and romance without a camera hidden underneath the bed post can do for a relationship,” he explained. It was not enough to stave off his concern that she barely opened her mouth to speak or kiss, even if she had a hot tub body.
  2. Josh had not met Amanda’s daughters, but it wasn’t anything that worried her. They could probably figure that out years later in therapy. “This could be the best day of my life,” she added forgetting she had given birth to two biological children. She then explained her normal life includes sharing a bed with two kids and they sleep in until 8:30 in the morning. He tried to swallow melon without choking.
  3. “Evan, you are fearless in your pursuit for love and for me,” Carly whispered as they held hands as if they were standing contestants on the $25,000 Pyramid. They got engaged because they found love and because part of them knew they would never find anyone else.
  4. Lace and Grant had fresh tattoos and mutual concerns about the other’s tempers and unpredictability. “I love you, even when you are screaming at me,” he told her as sweat poured down his face. He offered her an engagement ring as her hair extensions tangled in the wind.
  5. Nick’s worst decision was surprisingly not wearing a linen shirt in the humidity during the finale rose ceremony; it was getting too much Botox before filming. As he cried to Jen explaining that she was not enough for him to love no actual tears left his face.
  6. In an obvious dig to And Dorfman Josh explained to Amanda that their love was nothing like he had ever experienced before. “Seriously, yo, this is legit. I think if you do you and I do me this is gonna last, yo. Will you marry me even though I have never met your kids and I can’t stop sweating?” She said yes after he pointed out the free ring he was given was covered in diamonds. “Thank you,” she squeaked. He asked her to keep quiet.


  • Josh moved to Orange County to live with Amanda and her daughters. Hey, girls, this guy is going to live with us forever, hope that’s cool with you.
  • Carly is moving to Nashville in December to live with Evan and his sons. Understandably his family has had a hard time coming to terms with her initial impressions of him and the way she vomited after kissing him early in their relationship. His erectile dysfunction business is now looking to franchise in Mexico.
  • Lace now lives in San Francisco with Grant. He resumed fire fighting and she spends the day arguing with walls.
  • Nick is the new Bachelor, dashing the hopes of Luke who had horrible legs and Chase who most people forgot about immediately after he was eliminated last season on The Bachelorette.


  • Jared realized Caila had no personality. He secretly enjoys the way Ashley still stalks him on social media and from a tree outside his apartment window.
  • The twins still don’t know the meaning of condescending, vulnerable, moisturizer, or oven.
  • Jen is still a robot.
  • Daniel has not figured out a work out to even out his legs and arms.
  • Chad is the new voice of an audio series on controlling your anger.
  • Brett and Vinny are collaborating on a hairspray for men.

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