My Advice for Lindsay Lohan

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Oprah’s asking her 20-something Canadian Facebook viewers what kind of advice they would give Lindsay Lohan. No interest from American viewers? What about a 36-year old woman with three children living in southern California? Because I would think Lohan could learn a lot from me. Forget Promises or Cliffside, how about the Kate Casey Center for Keeping It Real?

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Maybe Lohan could take some of my advice?

1.Wear a bra. It’s hard to take you seriously when your size 32 Long boobs are not properly supported.

2.Give your scalp a much needed rest and remove your hair extensions.

3.Today would be a good day to break up with your parents.

4.Time for plan D. Ever thought about a career in telemarketing?

5.Nothing good can happen at a nightclub after 11:00 p.m., specifically in the bathroom stall.

6.Hard to be a professional model when your teeth have become yellow and cracked.

You know things are bad when your drug dealer is the only one who returns your calls.

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