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90 Day Fiance Recap: Myriam Had a Secret

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This week on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, Myriam revealed her secret, Karine’s STD test results came in, Antonio tried to sleep with Cortney, and Larry finally met Jenny.



  1. Paul and Karine had been together a week, but things were still tense after he’d asked her to take an STD and pregnancy test. He took her to an expensive hotel jungle adjacent to distract her from the fact he had trust issues. The hotel staff was confused why he brought five trunks for a two-night stay.
  2. Karine was growing restless, she longed for Paul to hold her in his muscle less arms, free from his ubiquitous mosquito-fighting windbreaker. After a quick stop to a medical laboratory they spent quality time visiting jungle animals.
  3. Back at the hotel, which Karine had decorated with stuffed animals, she rejoiced once it was confirmed she was without an STD or a baby in her uterus. “Now we can be more intimate?” she asked. He admitted it had been 12 years since he made out with anyone. He had forgotten how to kiss. He was surprised she mounted him.


  1. Instead of allowing Cortney time to take a shower and rest from her international flight, Antonio assumed she would delight in watching him judge a beauty contest. “You are cold because you are an American,” he said to her in a cab. It didn’t occur to him that she was insecure about the fact she had underarm hair growth, film on her teeth, and wanted to switch out her sweat filled underwear.
  2. Cortney needed to understand that Antonio worked around the clock as a model. He didn’t have the luxury to take time off to entertain one of the 9 women he spoke to via text on her trip to Spain. Surely one of the other 2 male models in town would take the available jobs.
  3. At the pageant Cortney sat quietly next to people she didn’t know and didn’t speak the same language. She watched Antonio take selfies with the other judges and photos of the contestant’s crotches.
  4. It was a surprise to Antonio that Cortney was not comfortable having him share the bunk bed in his apartment. “I am a gentleman so I will sleep on my mini couch,” he said while disrobing into meatball huggers. She fell asleep in her muumuu and glasses.
  5. It was important that Cortney call her parents to know that she was not being held by prisoners. “How are you?” Antonio asked her parents via FaceTime. “Don’t be afraid because Cortney is safe,” he explained while fondling her butt.
  6. Moments later Cortney found his phone, which had been lighting up with text messages from other women. As he ironed his track pants on the arm of his couch he assured her that if he wasn’t interested in her he would be with one of the other 176 women in his cell phone.


  1. Larry had not heard from Jenny and after a 40-hour plane to Manila he was told his luggage was lost. He had wanted her to jump in his arms and he smelled like a jock strap.
  2. “She’s more gorgeous than the phone,” said Larry upon meeting Jenny in person. His shirt was unbuttoned exposing his wet chest hair, his trucker hat covering his baldhead. She kept her arms close to her body and blinked HELPED ME in Morse code.
  3. “Your country is nice so far,” Larry said while standing on the curb outside arrivals. He asked that they stop at a strip mall on the way home so that he could buy some slacks.


  1. Myriam needed to reveal her secret to Patrick. “Please don’t tell me you are a boy or that you are 12 years old,” he said. “I have a boyfriend,” she explained. It was not something he expected or enjoyed hearing. Maybe this was something you could have told me before I spent thousands of dollars on a plane ticket, accommodations, and clothes I considered fashion forward? “I am so sorry,” she said while smiling. She explained that after they had met online she had never imagined he would actually take her up on the offer to visit. “Who comes to another country to meet someone they met online?” she asked. “ME!” he replied.
  2. Myriam offered to be his tour guide.

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  1. Nil

    September 17, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    I finally had to post because no one else I know watches this and you are the reason I started.
    When Paul revealed he hadn’t engaged in intercourse in a decade, I gasped and thend realized that made total sense. I have a theory that he had a volatile relationship I his 20s where he thought he was going to be a dad and then found out he was not the father. Heartbroken, he tried sleeping his way out of his depression, contracting an STD, kickstarting his latent obsessive compulsive tendencies Paul struggled with a sex phobia for years as a component of mysophobia . Unable to engage in typical romantic relationships, Paul sought love on the antiseptic internet. A language barrier is also helpful as apps do not translate “awkward”. Karine knows about his “neuroticism” though.
    I felt such relief when Cortney was allowed to shower. I’m still wondering why Antonio doesn’t just sleep with all the “easy” girls or models he works with in Spain. Maybe he is one of those after a green card. My husband pointed out there may be better modeling opportunities in the US. Gasp! Cortney lives close enough to Miami.
    I’m sad for Patrick. 🙁

    • Nil

      September 17, 2017 at 10:00 pm

      Apologies for typos. My tablet is on some weird setting where it creates random words like whereally.

  2. Jackie

    October 19, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Can we set up Antonio and Paola? They can model together in Miami and she won’t take his shit.

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