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90 Day Fiancé Recap: Line in the Sand

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This week on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days tensions rose when Larry’s cousin confronted Jenny, Patrick made a last ditch effort to win over Myriam, and Sean returned to Ohio without Abby. Paul proposed to Karine with a message in the sand. 


  1. Since there was a monsoon outside, Larry and Jenny opted to stay indoors one afternoon and catch up with Larry’s cousin Carl and his wife. Jenny had some trepidation for their Skype call because of the poor connectivity and because it was obvious they hated her. They explained they just wanted to understand why she spoke with so many men online. Was she a lady player or just teaching online courses? She begged for them to give her a chance and Carl warned against bringing an attitude to the United States of America. Jenny wept and Larry reminded her just how much time she would be spending with a couple out to get her.
  2. Sean returned to Dayton, Ohio to a home with ripped up floors and broken frames with an equally broken heart. He gave his relationship with Abby a 25% chance of working out, especially since the next four days Abby would be spending with her other boyfriend, who was 47 years older.
  3. Karine was worried about her future with Paul. He had a lot to prove to her, like whether he could figure out a way to communicate with her and would he ever take off his windbreaker? “How long did it take you to learn English?” Paul asked a hotel concierge. “Three years,” he replied. He kindly helped him assemble a heart made of rocks alongside a depressing beach filled with a marriage proposal in a language she did not speak. Since her phone was breaking down it took more time than necessary to translate the message. “In hindsight I wish I would have written the message in her native language,” said Paul.
  4. On Patrick’s last night in Paris Myriam arranged for them to ride a romantic tourist boat along the Seine. “I am taking Patrick on a boat on his last day so Patrick will have a good memory of the trip,” said the woman who made him believe he was flying across the world to meet an emotionally available partner. As they clanged champagne glasses he wished her well, even though he wasn’t sure if he would ever see her again. Myriam told him that if it were not for bad timing they would be together. Instead she decided to stay with a 23 year-old French boyfriend who never returns her texts. (Editorial note: Patrick should be on next season of The Bachelorette).
  5. Cortney reapplied her mascara. She began to understand Antonio needed space, just not enough that he would have the opportunity to bone another woman. She didn’t want to spend another night on the dorm-sized couch. “I don’t want to hurt Cortney,” said Antonio, “but I am not ready for a serious relationship.” Cortney, however, had already planned out her wedding theme, reception song list, and the names of their future children.
  6. After a beach jaunt Larry and Jenny looked over the balcony of their hotel suite to the sand. She lamented a future with constant criticism from cousin Carl. “I am sure when you come to Florida it will be fine,” comforted Larry. “We can prove them wrong. I will defend you.” Jenny dug her nails into her hand. If she thought this situation was uncomfortable, wait until she sees Larry’s apartment in Florida.
  7. Myriam sent Patrick a text to let him know how much she missed him. He didn’t understand the mixed signals, and neither did his mother who was grateful the girl who broke his heart lived 2,000 miles away. He held out hope their love story was not over.
  8. Karine struggled to give Paul an answer to the proposal in the sand. While she liked the idea of leaving the Amazon jungle for a better life, she wasn’t sure about marrying a man with a criminal record who does a full sprint when times get tough. Would he do the 100-yard dash every time they experienced hardship? What if she never learned English? What if the translator app crashed?


Antonio refuses to take Cortney to the airport. Larry proposes to Jenny. Sean returns to Haiti.

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  1. Anita

    October 23, 2017 at 4:03 am

    Love your re-cap and for saying what we are all thinking !! Some of this people need to be smacked upside the head and be told “really???”

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