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90 Day Fiance Recap: Meet The Couples

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A K-1 visa requires a foreigner to marry their American citizen partner within 90 days of entry. Once the couple marries, the foreign citizen can adjust status to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States. 90 Day Fiance shadows their relationships to see if they will marry within the 90-day period, otherwise they need to go back to their homeland.

While many couples face this challenge, the couples profiled on 90 Day Fiance don’t necessarily have fairytale stories, it is more like Catfish and A Wedding Story rolled into one show. 

90 Day Fiance airs on TLC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.


Nicole is a 21 year-old single mother from Florida who met her fiance, a 23 year-old man named Azan from Morocco in an Internet chat room. Her parents worry he might be using her for a green card but she insists his low level of enjoyment is a personality trait. Why wouldn’t a very fit man from a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea want to move to the United States to live with a young mother with a two-year-old daughter from a high school fling?



Chantal is 25 years old and from Atlanta, Georgia and pursuing a degree in nursing. While she lives with her parents she makes a small living as a cheerleading coach. She met her fiance Pedro online and though he lives in the Dominican Republic she is confident they are ready for marriage. Unlike American men Pedro treats her like a princess even though she can barely speak Spanish and he can barely understand her when she speaks English. She has yet to tell her parents (who are her roommates) that she and Pedro are engaged, instead telling them he is visiting on a temporary student visa.


Jorge is 26 and an “entrepreneur” in the medical marijuana industry. Should the marijuana become legal for recreational purposes, he explains, his business could potentially grow into the millions. His problem with American women is that they tend to be feminists, expecting equal treatment under the law. He prefers it when a woman depends on a man for finances, which was why he sought out a 20-year-old woman from Russia he met on Facebook.

He acknowledges that most people look at them together and wonder what hallucinogenic drug she must be on to have interest in him, but he insists it is true love. Before he embarks on a trip across the world to get her she has insisted on receiving a Chanel purse, one that costs $10,000. In his summation he has already spent $70,000 on Anfisa since they started dating, taking her for trips around the world. He hopes the secrets he has withheld will not dissuade her from calling off the wedding.


Matt is 43 years old from Kentucky and runs a family car business with his niece, high school buddies, and an identical twin. Matt has been married three times and in two of those relationships his wife cheated. “If anyone understands marrying the wrong person it would be me,” he explains. “At my age locally no one is interested in me because I have so much baggage, so the best thing I could do was to look for a woman in Eastern Europe.”

He met Alla, a 30-year-old woman from Kiev, Ukraine with a 7-year-old son named Max online. After spending two weeks together traveling he asked her to marry and she immediately said yes. “How is Max taking it?” he asked her from a call via Skype. She assured him he was fine as he climbed up a wall. “Are you scared to leave Kiev?” he asked her. She threw back her head and laughed while waving a middle finger to the wall. “I am ready to get up there a 4th time,” he explained of getting married again.


Chantal moved into an apartment with Pedro, the first time she has lived with anyone besides the people who raised her. Their engagement was kept secret as a ploy to get them to understand Pedro as a person versus someone who landed in the U.S. on a temporary visa seeking citizenship. “I have never met Pedro,” Chantal’s mother Karen explained hoping she would take the temporary move as an opportunity to focus on her nursing studies.

She has no idea she was shopping for wedding dresses online and plotting her table arrangements. “Growing up my parents had high expectations of me,” Chantal said before explaining Pedro would pursue a career in aviation mechanics. “It’s a relief he is in the country until he finishes his studies,” Karen noted oblivious to the fact Chantal had already considered reception locations. Her daughter had little concern they could barely communicate. “Sometimes people use each other,” her mother hinted.


Nicole’s family had some concerns about her trip to Morocco. Dear, God in Heaven, her brother prayed, please protect my sister as she travels to another country to meet a man who may in fact be using her to live in our country. Nicole, however, was surprised her family was not supportive. They noted Morocco has a high pick pocketing problem and she would be there for five weeks. What if she wants to come home early because she mistakenly broke a rule? She assured them Azan would protect her. Her mother was concerned she lost her common sense. Nicole is a beautiful girl, she noted, but perhaps not as beautiful as the women he would normally be attracted to given his physique. Was there a hidden agenda?


Jorge met with his sister and niece to discuss his plans to marry a Russian woman he met online. They worried he was oblivious to the red flags. She demanded he purchase high-end purses, she was prone to emotional outbursts when she didn’t get her way, and most importantly her Facebook pictures seemed doctored.

Chantal prepared their apartment, which consisted of one room with an attached kitchen. She drove to the apartment wearing a corset underneath a business jacket and a matching mini skirt. Pedro missed his plane; he was stuck in the Fort Lauderdale airport with an ample amount of time to spend the night in Miami meeting with other available women he had met on other dating sites. Chantal worried the language barrier had caused him to miss his flight. She worried he didn’t have enough to eat and if she had created a fantasy.

As Matt sat around work in the early morning hours with his twin brother and friends they worried if he had been making a bad decision. “After counseling with your second wife, how is this any different?” his twin brother asked. “What problems have you ever faced with her? I see this as a train wreck,” he added. “I would like to propose a toast to the arrival of Alla,” his younger brother toasted while wearing a leather jacket and a piano tie. Matt was confidant he was making the right decision.

While Jorge waited at a hotel near the airport he explained his fiance had not returned his calls in a days because he would not be buy her a Chanel purse. “I don’t know what her problem is,” Jorge explained of Anfisa erasing remotely his entire phone. “I don’t think I deserve the way she is treating me,” he said. “I just received an email she is cancelling my flight,” he laughed. “She just changed the password to my email,” he explained to a producer. She had all of his passwords and financial information.


Meeting the families.

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