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Family First: 90 Day Fiancé Recap

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This week on 90 Day Fiancé Nicole and Azan introduced May to his family, Elizabeth landed in Ireland and prepared Andrei for a K-1 visa interview, and David met with Evelyn’s family and unsupportive friends. 



She was 18 and he was 27. She resented the way he didn’t immediately enjoy her small town in New Hampshire. While he loved her, he didn’t want to live in a snow prison six months of the year. “If you just give Claremont a chance you will one day grow to love this bleak place with only one good breakfast spot.” He couldn’t envision himself eating donuts with the elderly. She couldn’t envision leaving her family and friends from high school. “It is my hope we can move south to somewhere like Virginia,” said David. Her mother Jacalyn and her father who looked like Jesus withheld their despair. What would this mean for the band, a threesome consisting of the father, Evelyn, and her brother. Evelyn sang vocals, Soloman played the guitar, and her dad played the spoons.

Wedding planning was a nightmare. With 83 days to go they had yet to send out wedding invitations. David was appalled Evelyn’s friends and family were unwilling to host his guests from Spain. “If the wedding were in Granada your friends and family would have accommodations.” She tried to reason with him that in America you don’t let a stranger sleep in your guest room just because you are invited to the same wedding reception. Couldn’t they just stay at a Best Western in a neighboring town?

Evelyn’s oldest friend thought she was making a colossal mistake. Why was she in such a hurry? Is he literally the only available man on Planet earth? Did they understand finances? David was perplexed by her friend’s reasonable concerns. “You sound like a single person, are you?” he asked the woman he just met. She began to weep. “I just want the best for you,” she told Evelyn who held her but simultaneously thought about how she would style her wedding hair.

Evelyn’s aunt Ginger was hopeful if things didn’t work out between them she could have a shot with David.


Elizabeth was terrified of Andrei. Although the immigration attorney in the United States informed her that Andrei’s violation of a tourist visa was the reason they had faced a long delay for a K-1 visa, she did not press him on the reason for his blatant disregard for her country’s laws and regulations. “It will be fine,” he said with the voice of a phone operator in hell. “If not you will live here with me in Ireland or in Moldova, Europe’s poorest country.” She took a deep breath and worried what her family in Tampa would say if she moved overseas. “You don’t understand, they are overwhelming,” she told the man who worked as a bouncer at a nightclub. “They will be fine,” he replied.

Elizabeth asked for Andrei to run through scenes for his immigration meeting as if they were part of Actor’s Studio. “Elizabeth is nervous because she is genetically a woman, so she has feelings,” he told a producer. “I am not going to kiss anyone’s ass for a visa,” he told her as she clenched her jaw.


Molly’s children were the voice of reason. Oldest daughter Olivia noted it wasn’t normal to meet someone at a bar and then invite them back to the United States. Kensley, whom Molly left with Luis for hours alone while she worked, asked him to refrain from referring to himself as her father. “Can you say padre?” he asked her. “No, I can’t. I have a father. I don’t love you. Please stop saying that,” she pleaded.” Molly’s father had little interest in Luis either. “Do they speak Spanish in your country, Luis?” he asked. He had apparently never taken geography or looked at vacation brochures. “I just hope this isn’t some plan to get you a green card,” he said while swallowing a paper plate full of baked beans. Luis remained silent with wide eyes. “Is it really different than falling in love with someone at your office and having a wild affair?” asked Molly. “Uh, yeah, it’s different,” said daughter Olivia as her mute boyfriend looked off into the distance.

He was lonely, which could present a problem. He did not imagine living in the United States would mean sitting on a stairwell or staring into the woods. He missed the beaches and the nightlife of the Dominican Republic. His family encouraged him to stay in the countryside and accept her kids, even if they didn’t give two shits about him.


The odds were against Nicole and Azan. He was Muslim and she was a Christian. He lived in Morocco and she lived in the United States. He liked to exercise and eat healthy, and she liked to sit on a barcalounger and eat cheese puffs. She expected him to be an immediate father figure to her two-year-old daughter despite having no understanding of child rearing and having little respect for the way she parented. “Does she need this leash?” he asked of the long fabric string attached to her daughter’s backpack. She wanted him to press his religious aunt to allow them to sleep together in her house, which violated Muslim customs. However she grew frustrated when he would not accept her father requesting they live separately until marriage as part of his stipulations for financially sponsoring him.

Azan worried that if they lived separately he wouldn’t be able to monitor her. Before they first met she cheated on him, but immediately apologized with over a hundred phone calls and videos of the daughter he’d never met calling him daddy. “I was shocked when he took me back,” admitted Nicole. “I just forgive like that,” said Azan. She plead for him to trust her even when she slipped and admitted to a producer she spent a night post engagement with a guy friend. “You told me you were with girls,” he naively replied. “I thought I told you,” she said.

Azan refused to speak to Nicole and she refused to speak to producers. A day later she begged for forgiveness. He offered her the opportunity to come clean one last time. She hid the sweat pellets developing underneath her arms. “Nope, you can trust me,” she said with a shaky voice.


The unemployed 47-year old man presented Annie’s family and fellow villagers with gold, two water buffalo, and stacks of cash his friend Chris loaned him for her hand in marriage. Though the engagement ceremony preceded by break dancing in the street, was not legally binding it signaled the end of Annie’s life in her home country. If David were able to scrounge enough money for a return flight to the United States they would need to live with Chris and his pregnant wife Nikki. David would look for work while Annie spent her day making Thai food. “Can you also give me Thai massages?” Chris asked Annie as his wife sat beside him in silence. She quietly told him no.

“This is not permanent,” Chris told his friend who admittedly did not have an American bank account or any viable job skills.


Josh proposed to a 36-year old woman he met in the Philippines after 5 days. “Josh, you better be good to me. I have many admirers,” she warned him before they even got the luggage to his car. “I thought you were going to buy me a Porsche,” she said of his Jeep Cherokee. They had 90 days to wed.

Josh, 43, had several roommates, who were not thrilled with the idea of a woman with glaring contacts living in their space. His friend Joe, who brought Aika sparklers and a box of chocolates from a gas station, wasted little time asking her true intentions. “It seems like you are just looking for men in America,” he said. He had a point. “In the Philippines we call America the land of milk and honey,” she told a producer.

Could a woman like Aika like a man like Josh? This would be his third marriage and he wore the earrings that destroy your lobes. She dressed like an extra in a Cherry Pie video.


Elizabeth waits for Andrei’s immigration appointment, Evelyn yells at David in a tuxedo shop, Luis asks Olivia if he can propose to her mother, and Nicole admits she financially supports Azan.

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    November 10, 2017 at 9:23 am

    Did Molly really say she was having “a wild affair” with Luis in front of her father & daughter? ick

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