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Decisions: 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days

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This week  on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days six couples continued their relationship journey before the K-1 Visa process begins, mulling difficult decisions about their romantic future. 

Cortney and Antonio finally met. Darcey and Jesse continued to meet his friends and listen to their jarring feedback. Larry’s friends worried Jenny was manipulating him. Abby revealed she had a rash.



  1. Cortney landed in Spain and was surprised Antonio, 31, was not standing in the arrivals with a bouquet of flowers. It was not exactly a mix-up, he was totally aware of her flight information, had even tracked it on his iPhone. Antonio was too busy posing in underwear on a beach for an undetermined catalog to meet the woman who traveled across the globe to meet him. “Oh, shoot,” Cortney, whispered to herself, “I sure hope he shows up.” The weight of the emotional commitment she made to a stranger and the backpack she was carrying like a Baby Bjorn was too much for her to bear.
  2. With a dying phone battery and spotty Wi-Fi Cortney sat on a bench in a garden outside a Cathedral at the request of Antonio. She was just about to leave when he sped walked around the corner in pleated chinos. She kissed him with firm lips and began to berate him for not greeting her to his home country with greater excitement. To distract her he complimented her on her clear eyes, which she had lined with Wet n Wild black mascara. “I had to work,” he explained before casually mentioning that evening he would be judging a beauty pageant. He was surprised she looked somewhat similar to the overly filtered Snapchat photos in her profile.
  3. “Antonio is a Playboy,” his friend explained. It was unlikely he would ever get married, he added. It was not unusual for Antonio to communicate with 8-10 women at a time. “I don’t like women from my town,” Antonio explained, which was why he was a member of 14 other international online dating sites. Another glaring issue was that Cortney seemed like a traditional woman. Each time Antonio attempted sexual conversations via Messenger she declined. He realized that could be an issue. “We both know I am not a traditional person,” he said to his friend with a wink.


  1. Erdem was Jesse’s dear friend and also a member of a 90s cover band. He had doubts about Darcey and in true Dutch charm let her know it. “What happens when you are 80?” he asked her. She gently reminded him that she was young at heart. She had spent her 20s and 30s jazzercising. She noted she had spent that morning doing leg lifts in Jesse’s gym. “What about your kids?” asked Erdem. “Wouldn’t they look at him like a brother?” Darcey politely bit her ripe lips and rolled back her false eyelashes. “They would look at him as a man who loved their mother,” she replied, not as someone who also needed her to write permission slips or review their term papers.
  2. It was clear to Jesse that Darcey wanted him to propose, only because she reminded him of it every 12 minutes. After a Skype call with one of her daughters she reminded him that they would become a happy family. “Uh, yeah, maybe if that happens,” he replied with uneasiness. “Do you want to see a boat?” he had asked her daughter. He could think of nothing more to say.
  3. “We embrace criticism of our relationship,” said Jesse. “Uh, huh,” she replied.


  1. Larry explained to his cousin that he had used money from his 401k, money he had saved since starting at Dominos Pizza, to fund this trip to Thailand. Though Jenny had said she loved him within two days of connecting, he didn’t see it as a potential problem. Maybe she was struck by his good looks? “Maybe it is your ability to help her secure a green card?” asked his cousin’s wife.
  2. According to Facebook research she had good reason to believe Jenny was in contact with men throughout the world. “At what point are you going to open your eyes?” she asked Larry as he sat silently in front of his fried seafood platter.
  3. Larry packed up his t-shirts and left for a 21-day trip, his first outside the United States. This is all worth it, Larry said to himself. Is it, Larry? He called her once last time before his flight took off, and she did not answer.


  1. Sean admitted that he was experiencing some culture shock. He was not, for example, prepared to meet a voodoo priest as part of a typical vacation excursion. “Are those human skulls?” he asked while walking down a dark alleyway. He pressed onward because by day 5 he was positive they shared a true love.
  2. “I have had a rash for the last month,” Abby explained to someone named Mama. “My mom says that I am cursed.” It was more likely she had a sexually transmitted disease. In a non-shocking coincidence Abby’s also elderly boyfriend Chris shared the same rash. “You must be careful,” the voodoo priestess warned her before forcing her into a prison cell and wiping her down with leaves marinated in alcohol. “This is not a game.”
  3. Later, while they ate the least appetizing pizza, Abby admitted she had concerns about Sean meeting Chris, her other lover. “I am worried about meeting him too,” Sean admitted. “I didn’t realize Sean was so jealous,” said his 20-year girlfriend who undoubtedly needed a prescription for Penicillin.


Cortney leaves a beauty pageant.

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