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90 Day Fiancé Finale Recap: All or Nothing

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On the season finale of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days there were proposals, tears, and the question of whether it was worth it to go for all or nothing. 

10 Most Important Moments From 90 Day Finale. 


  1. Karine took a long pause after Paul asked her to marry  him. Could she see herself married to a man with long fingernails? Then she remembered that by saying no she would need to move back to her parent’s hut in the jungle with no running water and a bedroom with stuffed animals stapled to the wall. “Yes,” she said breathlessly before laughing hysterically. He held her with his pretzel rod arms and referred to her as his ball and chain.
  2. Cortney admitted in her last week she spent at least one night awake crying for an hour. She couldn’t decipher whether these tears were because she was overcome with love or terror that once she got onto a plane that she would never see Antonio again. It was the longest one night stand in recorded history.
  3. Sean returned to Haiti with three bags full of clothes and accessories for his “business venture” with Abby, a re-sale business done on the side of a road. Abby was basically the TJ Maxx of Haiti. It was still unclear whether Abby was truly in love with Sean or using him to obtain discounted items at American retailers.
  4. Larry proposed to Jenny in front of a grave for a Filipino nationalist. She paused and said, “yeah.”
  5. Paul reassured Karine he would return to Brazil, but only after he had made enough money to pay for a wedding. “Oh, by the way,” he texted her, “we have to get married in the United States for it to be legal.” How would she explain this to her parents? Paul not only has a criminal background, but he will have to marry me in another country. Hope that works for you guys!
  6. Antonio assured Cortney they would see each other again. He asked for her to stay committed, though all signs pointed to the possibility of him boning another woman at his apartment the day she left. “I feel so much for Cortney. I don’t know if it is love. What is love? Too much distance will be difficult for us.” Cortney was hopeful he would understand the depth of his love once her plane left the tarmac. She went back to the United States with the two small bags she packed filled with sundresses and makeup.
  7. Abby told Sean that Chris was no longer in the picture romantically, but they continue to work together in the retail re-sale business. “It’s okay for you to work together, I just ask that you are not together – together,” said Sean. She laughed. “Yeah, sure, okay,” she replied.
  8. Darcey left Amsterdam without an engagement ring, but with a promise ring and an oversized military jacket. “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” she said. “Hopefully one day I will take your name,” she said as invisible tears left her eyes. “Time will tell,” she whispered as she pushed her military sized cargo load of shoes and leather pants back to the United States. Jesse had no plans to purpose.
  9. Paul gifted Karine with a piece of his greasy non-pubic hair for a keepsake. He yanked a lock of her hair he placed in a napkin, much like the one his own mother gave him before he traveled to Brazil. It was a tradition in his family to keep each other’s hair.
  10. “Over the last few weeks Karine and I have really bonded,” said Paul. She de-virginized him, he asked her father for her hand in marriage with the international sign for sex, he allowed her to get mugged by a man with a machete, and they got engaged while standing beside a body of water filled with bacteria. It was all worth it.


Jesse swings his hair in circles. Darcey gets a new weave. Abby weeps and admits to wrongdoing. Sean threatens to punch Chris in the face.

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  1. Trina

    October 31, 2017 at 5:51 am

    I am pulling for Carly and Antonio. I love them!She is precious. I am pulling for all the couples
    I think Patric will fina an amazing women. He seems like a great guy

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