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Brink: 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap

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This week on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days several couples were on the brink of a breakup. Patrick pursued answers from Myriam about her boyfriend. Karine demanded an apology from Paul. Larry was on the brink of tears at the thought of swallowing pork. Cortney was on the brink of leaving Antonio’s 100 degree apartment. Sean was on the brink of leaving Haiti without a proposal to Abby. 


  1. Karine surprisingly forgave Paul despite his responsibility in her mugging. He wept as he noted his life had been full of hostility and it was a nice change of pace to have someone forgive him. “You won’t hurt my family?” she asked. “No, I won’t,” he typed into the translator with his disheveled fingernails.
  2. Larry was surprised a world war would break out because he refused to eat the pig the family roasted with the three pisos they had in their bank account. He apologized to Jenny’s family as they both left in a minivan. “Tell Papa I am sorry,” said Larry to Jenny’s unenthused sister.
  3. Myriam had not spoken with her boyfriend for a few days. He was confused, it seemed, that his girlfriend was taking a week to give an American tourist she met on a dating website  a tour off the city.
  4. To alleviate the sexual tension she was experiencing with Patrick she willingly participated in a martial arts training exercise. She was surprised, however, when Patrick’s instruction included bumping her breast against his shoulder. She left. I suspect part of her frustration was because she was wearing a tank top and basketball shorts, which did little to flatter her shape.
  5. A week and a half into her trip Cortney was hopeful about her future with Antonio. “I see Cortney happier, shinier,” explained Antonio. It is worth noting they had finally consummated their relationship. She was pleased with their sexual chemistry and felt emotionally confident enough to wear her eyeglasses.
  6. Antonio’s apartment had no air conditioning and he walked around in only meatball huggers.  It was 95 degrees everyday. “Cortney complain all the time,” explained Antonio. “You can open the window and it is okay,” he tried to tell her. Not every girl wants crotch sweat, Antonio.
  7. Sean’s relationship with Abby was put on hold. “I keep telling myself she is 20 years old,” said her 47-year old boyfriend. She was in love with two middle-aged men with horrible taste in pants.
  8. Abby promised she would no longer have physical contact with Chris, but he was staying 4 days longer than Sean. There were no guarantees they would spend those four days rolled up together in scabies covered sheets.
  9. Darcey believed relationships were about compromise, which was why she agreed to never drink a glass of pinot grigio again.
  10. Jesse knelt down on one knee and offered Darcey a promise ring in the upstairs of a windmill. “So, we’re going steady?” asked Darcey. “What do we call this ring?” asked Darcey. “It’s an appreciation ring,” he replied. They sell those at Zales?
  11. Antonio disappeared for 24 hours. He told Cortney he needed money to do his laundry. He didn’t want to be with anybody for 24 hours, he explained. They missed flamenco dance lessons because they argued. She cried and he offered her a paper towel. He suggested the wine was making her cry. “Are you getting your period?” he asked. He left her again in his 250 square foot apartment.
  12. Larry tried to explain to a faceless producer that it wasn’t his fault he didn’t eat the family’s pig because he grew up in the U.S. Why would he eat roasted pig when he is used to eating Big Macs and fries? “You know I have never cried for a man, they cry for me,” explained Jenny as tears fell onto the hotel room sheets. They agreed to move past the day and held each other in one another’s arms.


Antonio wants space. Larry’s cousin hates Jenny. Sean is not confidant Abby will refrain from sex with Chris. Paul proposes to Karine with a message written in the sand in a language she doesn’t speak.

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1 Comment

  1. Jackie

    October 20, 2017 at 8:09 am

    Oh. Oh dear.

    Antonio has a lovely body, but I am not sure I can trust a man who cooks in his underwear – it seems too confident ya know? Also, she is blinded by his good looks. I can’t believe she is still there. Nothing makes me stop crying when I am upset like a man telling me to ‘stop’. (But seriously, stop it Cortney.
    I love how Jesse asked Darcy to never drink … as he brings her to his apartment with wine glasses and champagne. Also – I wish my husband would give me diamond(or diamondeque) when I overcome a challenge. Which, what was that challenge again?
    I am not shrink, but I feel like Paul might have Borderline Personality Disorder.

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