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16 Things I Learned Watching The Bachelor This Week

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This is what I learned watching episode 2 of this season’s The Bachelor starring Chris Harrison and a Donny Osmond impersonator named Ben Higgins.


  1. Gerontology is the study of the social, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging. It’s a strange profession for someone on a dating reality show, which requires you to wear bikinis in a hot tub.
  2. Unlike most people Ben really enjoyed high school, which leads me to believe everything always goes right for Ben.
  3. Jackie had to suffer through a bobbing for red apples challenge so the rest of the world could know she isn’t great with her mouth.
  4. Becca may have great beauty but she has no idea how to locate the state of Indiana on a map of the United States.
  5. Lace’s brother was embarrassed by her as a child because she had terrible hair and a mustache. It has haunted her the duration of the filming and is the reason she is coming across as crazy.
  6. Mandi is a dentist and a novice track and field runner currently deliberating tryouts for the 2020 Olympic games.
  7. Jubilee spent some time in orphanage before being adopted, which solidifies her spot in at least one more rose ceremony.
  8. The contestants are given platters of chicken and steak skewers on group date nights.
  9. Kevin Hart once romanced a woman by making fried chicken in a crock-pot. He also hates chapped lips.
  10. Amanda has a baby voice and two babies back at home, a fact that did not seem to scare off Ben who secretly enjoys designing children’s hair barrettes.
  11. Instead of, eHarmony, or that weird site where you can meet farmers you can go to a laboratory to find how compatible you are with a perfect stranger.
  12. According to the love lab studies Sarah smells like sour milk.
  13. Olivia has already come to the conclusion that she should be legally bound to Ben based on laboratory results and her natural skin fragrance.
  14. Olivia doesn’t care if other women are suffering from panic attacks and emotional distress because she deserves to be alone with her future husband.
  15. Lace wears tape to hold up the straps of her cocktail dresses. Also, she’s got a bold personality and is a lot to handle.
  16. “LB” did not find the experience satisfying and fled the Lady Mansion so she could resume her life in the real world.


Next week: Tensions rise at the mansion while Ben and Lauren B. enjoy a hot tub in a field of yellow flowers.

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