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15 Things You Won’t Hear in The Duggar House

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children are now without a show. Nine girls (and their respective spouses) and ten boys, all of whose names begin with the letter “J” without a national platform for their views on purity and modesty.

Here are 15 things I’m guessing you still won’t hear in the Duggar household, even if the TLC cameras have packed up and left.

  1. “Has anyone seen my mini skirt?”
  2. “I just want a marriage like Josh and Anna have.”
  3. “Don’t tell mom I stole her bikini for that trip to Vegas.”
  4. “Make sure you don’t delete last night’s episode of The Bachelor!” 
  5. “I swear this birth control is making me bloated.”
  6. “Can you see my panty line in these shorts?”
  7. “We’re going out for dinner and then to a nightclub.”
  8. “Can you ask Jedidah and Joy-Anna to put out their cigarettes?”
  9. “Who else wants to go see Straight Outta Compton?”
  10. “Josh will let you use his computer.”
  11. “I’d like to study molecular biology so I can pursue a degree in medicine.”
  12. “I can’t wait to get my own apartment in New York City.”
  13. “I really admire Caitlyn Jenner.”
  14. “Did you see last night’s 60 Minutes?’
  15. “Where do you want to put the keg?”
15 Things You Would Never Hear At The Duggar House

15 Things You Would Never Hear At The Duggar House

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  2. silverleaf

    October 10, 2016 at 9:38 pm

    that was so unfunny.

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