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13 Best Moments From The Bachelorette This Week: Dodgeball

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This week on The Bachelorette the men moved into the mansion; the bachelors competed in an obstacle course; Lil John helped plan the first one-on-one date; and Fred Willard hosted a dodgeball tournament.

Season 14, Episode 2

The following were the 13 most memorable moments from this week’s episode:


1. The men all unpacked their suitcases and chose their bunk beds in the rental mansion. One of the contestants was elated. “I am just so glad to have met Becca and met so many great guys,” he said while spreading his arms wide. “Who are you again?” asked Chris Harrison.
2. Becca chose the seven most obnoxious contestants for the first group date because she could already tell she would never want to spend time alone with them. She quickly weeded through the lazy and unable to fit into a slim fit pant by forcing them to participate in a wedding themed obstacle course. Rachel and her fiancé hosted the athletic event; she wore a blouse and he wore a baby blue denim jacket. Lincoln cheated and won.
3. Jordan noted at least 12 times that he was a professional model. He offered Becca meaningless advice on how to look her best, which began with pantyhose and ended with staring at herself in a mirror. Jordan also thinks ingenenuity is a real world.
4. The majority of contestants had already begun to hate Lincoln, several even suggesting he was exaggerating his accent for television purposes. “He just doesn’t seem like he is here for the right reasons,” said a few people who were also not there for the right reasons. Connor threw a framed prom photo Lincoln had been kissing down a stairwell shattering it into pieces. This lone act made Becca question Connor’s ability to take their potential love affair seriously.
5. The gravity of the opportunity had begun to weigh on Becca heavily. “It’s all becoming real,” she explained, “conversations are happening.” What she didn’t explain is that the conversations were pretty boring. “So, do you like bread? What do you think about hot weather? Have you ever seen a log? What color do you sweat?”
6. Blake was given the first one-on-one date, which was spent destroying property that made Becca think about the guy who just humiliated her on television weeks before as the rapper Lil John spun hits.
7. Two dudes were left out of the next group date. “It’s frustrating,” explained Jason of not being included, “time plus experience divided by roses equals love.” (Is that reality tv math?)
8. Child actors screamed at the contestants as they ran sprints. Colton, the professional football player seemed oddly out of breath.
9. Leo the stunt man outplayed everyone at a dodgeball tournament held at a trampoline park.
10. Colton admitted to Becca he previously dated her friend Tia.
11. Jordan wanted to separate himself from the competition so he disrobed. “Nothing makes a woman more comfortable than being next to a sexy man,” he said. (He’s wrong, a bag of tortilla chips and sweat pants does.) “I like living on the edge. My hair’s always going to be pretty well kept,” he explained, “but I like to have fun.” He’s also hoping for a woman to give birth to a boy named in his honor and is confident he has a high IQ.
12. Roses were given to Chris R., Jason, John, Clay, Mike, Connor, Leo, David the Chicken, Garrett, Nick, Ryan, Christon, Jordan, Lincoln, and Colton.
13. Rickey, Alex, and Trent were denied moving forward on this journey.

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  2. Karie Evans

    June 5, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    I find several of those men ingenenuitous…

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