My Friend Joe Is Haunting My House

Oct 31, 2014
Someone has been playing tricks in my house.   My babysitter hears someone walking around upstairs. One afternoon she heard someone rifling through things in the laundry room, but no one else was home. We've had the smoke alarm above my son's room go off in the middle of the night (only once and very loudly) on two occasions. We've heard doors close and toys fall off beds late into the night. One morning my woke me up to ask me I was vacuuming. The strangest incident was the central vacuum system on full blast at 2:30 am one morning. You can only use the vacuum if the hose is plugged into the wall, and that was sitting in a closet. VACUUM         When I was in New York last week my husband said he awoke to the sound of the television in our garage on full blast. (This was the picture he sent me). GARAGE         My friend Jen is an intuitive medium. She came to my house on Sunday and told me the trickster was a man in his early 20s who died in a car accident. I didn't think much of it until I opened a box of photos two days ago and this picture was on top. JOE       This was my best friend Joe in high school. He was killed in a car accident when he was 21 years old. We were like Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the movie When Harry Met Sally. When my boyfriend cheated on me he punched him in the face. We’d spend hours laughing without any interest in becoming more than the closest of friends. He always said he never saw himself living that long, often comparing himself to James Dean. It is almost 20 years later and it is still hard to believe he's gone. JOE2       You should know that four years ago another psychic told me a friend named Joe was trying to tell me the screens in the windows of my apartment were not safe and that I should move. When I came home my mother informed me my daughter had been playing in her room, touched the screen and it fell out the window. We lived on the second floor. We moved a month later. I've always felt like he saved her. I sent a note to Joe’s older brother Jason yesterday to tell him what had been happening in my house and this is what he sent me. Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.39.44 PM       All of these things have been happening in the middle of the night. He's been trying to get my attention. A few people have suggested I ask him to leave us alone, but why would I? I love the idea of him hanging out, playing jokes, and taking care of my family. It almost makes me feel like he’s never left.
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