Why Women Wish Celebrities Were Honest About Their Plastic Surgery

Oct 23, 2014
Renee Zellweger became the center of worldwide attention this week after she attended the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards in Beverly Hills on Monday with what appeared to be a facial transformation. When asked about her obvious transmogrification she responded that she looks different because she is healthier and happier than ever. "I'm glad folks think I look different! I'm living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows." Hang on. Inner joy can cause that kind of metamorphosis? Then why is it that every time I have given birth to healthy babies I look like someone who has been run over by a truck?
Not that Renee would be the first celebrity to transform physically and then claim it wasn't the result of hours in a plastic surgeon's office. How many times have you read an interview with a celebrity claiming their weight loss or wrinkle reversal was due to yoga, plenty of sleep, and drinking spring water? So if you do regular handstands, nap, and gulp liters of Evian water you can halt the process of aging? Companies hire famous women to position their product as an enhancement to what they will say is their natural beauty. Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, known as the King of Botox, has said 90% of celebrities do maintenance, but only a few admit it because they have contracts with beauty companies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RgVW3nXUJk Note Dr. Sebagh and Cindy Crawford have collaborated on the Meaningful Beauty skin care line, which includes anti-aging products.
I respect a woman's decision to not discuss the details of their plastic surgery and injectable regimen.  If you are a private person you can always say that your mother taught you a woman should never reveal her beauty secrets. If it upsets you that much ask the other person how much they spend on their monthly mortgage or how much is in their savings account. Or just simply say that it is not a matter you would like to discuss. But don't lie about what work you have done and then try to sell me beauty products. What I am saying is don’t try to sell me plumping gloss if you have had a large needle filled with silicone injected into your lips by someone with a medical license. Don't peddle anti aging moisturizer if you have a face full of Botox. Let's not pretend you were able to remove bagginess from your lower eyelids by rubbing on cream before bed when we both know it was a surgical procedure. You want me to believe the lines around your mouth disappeared because you've been getting plenty of sex and eating charcoal pills? I shouldn't have to beat myself up because the expensive moisturizing cream I just bought from the saleslady at Neiman Marcus doesn't in fact give me the same results as the actress in the commercials. We are all getting older. Can't we just be honest about it?
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