Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Pizza Slices and Bangle Bracelets

Jan 28, 2015
Last night on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. PARTY BRAWL  Kim wanted to know what happened to her pizza. It was still lying in Eileen's foyer, cheese side down, which was a bummer because she needed the carbohydrates. It was not the only casualty of Brandi and Kyle's skirmish, there was also the puncture wound in Brandi's forearm caused by an overeager spiked bracelet. The problem was Kyle and Kim had years of history and Brandi was trying to come between them. Brandi believed it all stemmed from jealousy routed in Kim getting more acting jobs when they were kids. Lisa Rinna and Eileen remained quiet in the sidelines. "When sisters collide I don't know what the f--- to do," Lisa said. "It was like the party from hell," said Eileen. "There was a brawl in my driveway." Eileen's husband Vince agreed, which was why he crouched in the corner of the garage with a cold beer in hand and a seat belt firmly in place. Brandi explained Kim had quite a bit on her plate and though she admitted she was probably out of it at some point in the evening she just wanted to take care of her in the same way Arnold Schwarzenegger did with Danny DeVito in the movie Twins. The next day Brandi was unsure of what had really transpired the night before. Her heavily blushed friend Ginnifer tried explain to her that addiction is complicated and so are relationships and then suggested she never return to Malibu. CARE TAKING Yolanda spent this week taking care of her son Anwar in Los Angeles and daughter Bella in New York. She checks on her kids regularly, which made me wonder if she is willing to adopt me. Lisa Vanderpump was overwhelmed with the business of training two of her 75 dogs. JEWELRY PARTY Later Lisa Rinna hosted her housewives friends and Denise Richards ex-wife of Charlie and star of E!'s cancelled series It's Complicated for a jewelry shopping party for charity. Kim couldn't make it because she was admitted to the hospital for reasons that were never explained. Yolanda tried to scold Brandi. Eileen pulled Brandi aside and explained she had unsettled feelings about the way she behaved at her house. She didn't want to belabor the point, but did she have to describe her home as filled with antiques and pictures of people who look they have murdered people? Brandi apologized while looking at a wall. After pretending to buy some bangle bracelets Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump hit the road so they could grab a drink. "Where should we go," Kyle asked. "How about a little place I like to call Villa Blanca, house of white flowers and overpriced mojitos?" So they did and over chilled rose they came to the mutual decision that Brandi was similar to the devil. B8ZwYZaCEAATeF6
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