10 Highlights From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

Apr 1, 2015
The following are most important highlights from last night's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part One.
  1. Yolanda is still on the mend traveling the world for treatment for her Lyme disease. Her daughters are modeling all-stars. Her hair, accessories, and posture remain perfect.
  2. There were some questions about why Yolanda continues to be friends with Brandi who most of the women agree is an awful person. For Yolanda she lives her life with an open heart. She doesn't want to throw Brandi aside like a piece of trash instead opting to embrace her because in her eyes it is clear that Brandi needs these women. (Even if she tried to divert the story away from her poor drinking behavior by pointing out her underage daughter's mistake last summer). It was pointed out by Kyle that perhaps Yolanda makes more excuses for Brandi because she's never been on the receiving end of an attack. "I've been attacked," said Kim who oddly still calls Brandi her best sister-friend.
  3. Brandi explained she might over-drink on the show because it's the only way she can handle the pressure of being in the same room with other cast mates, which begs the question of why she continues to be on the show.
  4. Eileen is back at the grind at Days of Our Belongings and The Young and The Surgeries, which are a whole hell of a lot less dramatic than the shit storm about to unfold on this living room set. Vince has enjoyed the show thus far, particularly if he can watch cat fights from the left corner window of his garage.
  5. As far as anyone knows, Camille has not married Royal Highness Mario-Marx of Veneers.
  6. Kim and Kyle have not spoken in 3 months. It's okay with Kim, because most of that time she's been sedated, so she still thinks it is 1985. She misses her sister, but then again it's been nice not having to speak to her. Kyle is still processing the non-talking but is hopeful that if they do speak at some point that it would only be an honest conversation.
  7. After a video montage featuring Lisa Rinna's Depends ad she repeated her business mantra that one should do anything for a buck. Kim disagreed. "I have a little more pride," she said until Andy Cohen pointed out she had been a participant in Diving With the Stars, a show built around the premise that if you give a famous person $25 and a spot on a reality show they will pitch themselves off a high dive in a one-piece suit. Kim would also probably be a spokesperson for a colon cleanse company if they were willing to pay off her kennel and spray tanning bills.
  8. Brandi didn't want make any judgments about any of the women, especially since everyone kept insisting she was an          "aggressive" drinker, but it was her observation (and apparently Kim's too) that Lisa Rinna never eats food. Lisa explained that she has always been a very slim person ("I can back that back up," said Eileen since they had been on a soap together in 1965). Her father's declining health and the stress of having to travel to a foreign country with Brandi and Kim on a regular basis took a toll on her physical self.
  9. It was established Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi would likely never be friends again. There had been too much pain caused by Brandi's slap and flagrant remark about Lisa sleeping with half of Hollywood, namely her trainer. But Lisa Vanderpump has never hired a trainer. She relies on husband Ken to help her walk up stairs in heels and she uses her dog Jiggy as a hand weight. Also it didn't help matters that Brandi had intimate sessions with Lisa's son Max's best friend, which made Lisa question Brandi's sense of boundaries. But Brandi insisted the concern didn't come from misunderstanding why a 40 year-old woman would want to sleep with a man she didn't really know half her age who lives in another part of the world, it was because Lisa probably harbored secret resentment that her son's childhood friend did not pursue her.
  10. Kyle and Brandi also had some difficulty agreeing to the terms of their mutual hate. Things took a permanent nosedive when Kyle reminded everyone that a photo exists of a string hanging from beneath Brandi's undergarments and Brandi countered her attack by reminding everyone Kyle can probably no longer menstruate.
 NEXT WEEK IN REUNION PART 2: We find out why Kim's dog tried to chew off someone's hand. CBesMiKUIAAyOCR