7 Reasons Mark Wahlberg Might Have Missed His Brother’s Wedding

Aug 31, 2014
Mark Wahlberg bailed on his brother Donnie's wedding to Jenny McCarthy this weekend. He claimed in an Instagram video also posted on Twitter that it conflicted with his daughter's birthday party. I call BS. First of all, what 11 year old doesn't want to go a wedding? They can wear a dress and throw flowers and eat as much cake as they want. You can't find another day to throw a fiesta at the trampoline park? You can't find another day this week for a stripper/theater student to dress up as Princess Anna and Elsa? Unless of course there is a much more reasonable answer?
1. Wanted to avoid having to listen to another New Kid's On The Block song. How many times can one person hear Please Don't Go Girl?
2. Doesn't want to be reminded that he didn't make the group. You think he was happy with the Funky Bunch?
3. Refused to participate in the groomsmen dance routine. "I am not doing choreography."
4. Didn't have enough time to rent a suit.
5. Too concerned someone would bring up vaccines at the reception table.
6. Worried someone would ask him how he knows the bride.
7. His wife hates her.
Then that would make sense.
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